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The Chicks Reviews


Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 20



5.0 star rating K gregory from Toronto, Ontario


Far exceeded expectations! Loved these 3 amazingly talented artists. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them live. It was the best concert I’ve seen in a long time, clearly the scare tactics worked a bit from the southern states “shut up and sing”. So they took that and put it into their musics! March march! The audience and I loved it! You go girls! Don’t stop’. It was great how you brought ur families into it as well, I have inspired us! Thank you for doing so many great oldies as well! We love You even more! Next year,,,come back! A renewed fan!

5.0 star rating Rhonda from Pembroke, Ontario


Intense and solid concert. Everyone was losing it and dancing together. Incredible!! They are the BEST..

5.0 star rating Marie A. Kelly-Whitney from Hartford, Connecticut


The Chicks are BEYOND what I anticipated! 2 hours of music, humor, incorporating old & new songs. I had a front row seat (retirement present for myself) and I believe I will always pay the extra to have these amazing artists in front of me. I loved Natalie's oops in an early song. It shows me they are have to BE present during all their shows. BRAVO & THANK YOU for the experience.

5.0 star rating Lisa Whitehead from Atlanta, Georgia


Venue - Not a fan, very unorganized - poor signage directing attendees to appropriate lot for parking, etc. Band - Long time die hard fan, attended with husband, daughter and 3 granddaughters (their 1st concert / 5,7,11) - we came to celebrate an awesome trio of strong women, we weren't aware or interested in being part of an in your face political campaign. It's their act, their voice, but freedom of speech does include our voice as fans that don't necessary mirror "The Chicks" - I don't want or need anyone's opinions shoved down my throat. Set List was not my favorite either - coming back from a long hiatus, hit your fans where they live and play more if not all of your iconic hits - steer aware from the DARK side, there's enough of that in the world!!! Love you ladies and wish you much success!!!!! Lolli (Grandmother Name)

5.0 star rating Angie from Houston, TX


I have been a fan since the early days. I’m from Texas. Heard about them in Dallas before they became massive stars. For the people giving bad reviews for not playing old hits - that’s what bands do when promoting a new sound or album, they play the new hits. That being said, The Chicks played plenty of the old favorites as well. If you expected the concert to reflect the conservative images of country music, you must live under a rock. That’s why they have the sound the do - because country music kicked them off the radio! And they are better off for it. The concert was AMAZING! Patty Griffin was the perfect kickoff, but the acoustics in Houston didn’t do her vocals justice. Her guitarist was mind blowing though. I wish The Chicks started a little earlier since the venue is so far outside the city, but the energy was nonstop. Loved the old hits mixed in with the new. These three women are so freaking talented. They could write music to, and sing, an old school encyclopedia and I would listen. Job well done. They killed it!

5.0 star rating Jennifer Kelly from Pennsylvania


Traveled to see The Chicks and happy I did. Had so much fun and loved the show. The musicianship and singing and harmonies were top notch, as usual. Loved it all.

5.0 star rating Connie from Toronto, Ontario


First off, I have to laugh at some of the, clearly, trolling people who wrote bad reviews. Do you really think we believe you came all the way from Colorado and Texas to watch The Chicks in Toronto and then clutch your pearls about them being political and not catering to old Country fans anymore? Hilarious. That said, Bloody Hell! The Chicks are better than Ever! Martie and Emily are absolute musical magicians. So talented and engaging. Love these two! And Natalie's booming vocals can still blow the roof off. As a progressive, I could not be more proud to have them on the good side. They are not afraid to stand up and be counted. The music: It's amazing to see the progression throughout the years. The songs are the same and different at the same time. Still fun where they want to be, but also thoughtful, hard charging, and musically superb. When you look around at the audience, you see mothers and daughters singing and dancing together. I'm already looking forward to the next tour!

4.0 star rating Daniel F from Chicago, Illinois


It has been so long waiting to see the Chicks, again. Extremely excited sitting in section 103 and for FF at the Hollywood in Tinley park Illinois. Close enough to the stage and directly center. Loved Patty Griffin. Thought it was a good choice for the warmup. It then took a long time for the Chicks to come on.... they hit it hard with Sin Wagon as the lead and, of course played many favorites and GasLighter off the new album (Yes I bought the CD and the Vinyl I am part of the Fan Club and I know they are the most talented Singers, Song Writers and musicians. Damn Emily just blows me away!) I turn up "March" off the CD whenever I am tearing down the field tractor on the up teen'th time the picking thing breaks down. The concert was good and then it was over. They took the bows and I was ready for the encore but the fans just started leaving... in droves. WTx? It was like they just endured the concert? I know it was hot but what are you a bunch of AC babies? No encore? Me and a few holdouts stood baffled hoping the Chicks would say WTx lets do it for those who stayed? But nothing? I feel like I had the act but no happy ending? It really killed it for me. If this is what concerts are today, it was a huge disappointment. I am 62 and had no issue with the heat. Stay off the alcohol when it is hot, you will enjoy the show even better and maybe stay for an encore?

4.0 star rating Longtimefan from Winnipeg, Manitoba


I saw the chicks last time they were in winnipeg, they were amazing then and were amazing now. Their musicianship was really strong with a great bass guitar and strong drums, Natalie's vocals seemed a little strained at the beginning but then she hit her stride, and of course the slide guitar and fiddling or pure gold. I'm a fan of their newer music and they're older hits and the song selection was spot on for me. I took my two tweenagers and they love the show but the detraction was the group behind us who talked and burst out laughing through the whole show even the quieter more meaningful songs. The political slants were not lost on me; I really appreciated them for their honesty and fearlessness. Again the fans stick out as a negative for me. There were some really fun unifying moments where everyone was singing along and having a great time. The crowd was really vocal and boisterous which was great! But I also have never been at a show where this many fans were constantly getting up, getting snacks, going to the bathroom, getting up just to take selfies, getting up to be social with other fans, and just talking through the whole show instead of seeming to connect with the vibe the artists were going for. There was a constant din which made it seem like the fans were just not engaged. So great show! Great music! Good job to the chicks! But to Winnipeg's fans, I thought we were known for being better fans than that and we can do better than that.

3.0 star rating AYN Z from Atlanta, GA


Play the songs that your fans love, know and came to see. It was way obvious that the crowd was most excited with the older, more familiar songs. We are there to be entertained… Not preached to. Love the Chicks and hope they can do better next time!

3.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


You ladies are incredibly talented, love love your old hits!! Huge fan forever! Certainly would’ve liked to have heard more of them!! I didn’t spend $257 to be preached to and endure your political views!! I came to be entertained and ESCAPE the constant “my way or the highway” viewpoints we are so expected to agree with and embrace!! So I’m MARCHING and getting LOUD and saying never again!! Remember who your fans were in the beginning ! Guess you’re reinventing yourself and bravo for you, wish you much success, but you lost me last night….

2.0 star rating Vieve from Indianapolis, Indiana


I'm a huge fan and have wanted to see them for at least a decade. The show was disappointing. The songs were randomly played and just lacked energy. This was a make-up show for one that was cancelled in June. It seemed like they were following a set list and felt like they were just doing a job. The song spinner thing was weird and confusing. There wasn't any build up or morale boosting, and the entire performance just lacked energy. We left early because we decided they sound better when I have ear buds in and I'm cleaning the house and rocking out alone. I expected more rock and much more energy. Still love them always and am always proud of them, but was disappointed in the show.

2.0 star rating Longtime Fan from Houston, Texas


I have been a diehard fan of The Chicks since I was in 7th grade- (when they were a brand new band to put it in context). I have seen them many times with my childhood bestie, and last night was no exception. The show was such a huge letdown. I love that the ladies are strong and stand in their convictions- but I’ve never seen them polarize the crowd against ITSELF so quickly by palpably turning fans against each other. It was very uncomfortable- my bff and I have very differing political views and we both thought it was a distasteful approach and left the crowd very divided. The images were very flashy and distracting- I think The Chicks absolutely dropped the ball by not having a disclaimer on their tickets for visual sensory issues. The “remix” song thing they kept doing between songs was funny the first time but got old fast. SOUND wise they were amazing per usual- Natalie has the voice of an angel. You can stand in your convictions without dividing your fans.

2.0 star rating Rick from Dallas, Texas


We’ve been waiting years for them to come back. Last time I saw them was top 10 concerts I’d ever been to and I’ve been to a lot. Last night in Dallas was so disappointing. The crowd went from on their feet to quietly sitting or leaving half way through. I don’t disagree with their political views but that’s not what I went for. Sing!! Sing what your fans want and love. Love you guys but do better or your gonna lose some of us.

2.0 star rating MLO from Dallas, Texas


I came to see a show and hear songs from the past albums. They sounded amazing. But it was ruined by the songs, videos of Politicians they don't agree with and a sticker on a piano that needed to be left off. I will not see them again. I'm disappointed as with my friends that came with me.

2.0 star rating Bob from Dallas, Texas


I’m the one who really wanted to see them. Had to convince my wife. Somewhat disappointed. Looked like they were just going through recipe they have done exactly the same every concert. Cue the son, cue the daughter. Same set list. Same inter song speeches by Natalie. Only Natalie spoke, Mattie and Emily not one word. Zero spontaneity. They did play well but it felt like they weren’t playing for us, just playing the same thing over and over. Not sure anyone in the band ever smiled. Really wanted a concert to remember, my first in 20 years. Oh well.

2.0 star rating GSAB from Edmonton, Alberta


I purchased tickets as my wife really wanted to see the chicks again as it has been a while. The music was good but political views were not needed. If we want to know their views we can read about them, not spend over $400 to be forced to hear them. Likely the last chicks concert we will attend.

1.0 star rating Heidi Christensen from Salt Lake City, Utah


Venue was horrible. Very unorganized and employees didn’t have any answers for basic questions. Very long lines for lawn chairs. The opening act was low energy. The Chicks were so disappointing. They did not play their hits and were not engaging with the crowd. The visual graphics were confusing and chaotic and had a sci fi feel to them. I thought they were a country band? The energy was off and just when it started to be fun they would play a weird mellow song. Never got in a fun high energy groove.

1.0 star rating Lodielynn from Spring, TX


I paid good money to go and see the Dixie Chicks. This was on my bucket list. They are way too political. I did not pay money to go to a Beto O'Rourke rally. This is Texas not California. The Chicks are bleeding heart liberals. I wanted to hear their older songs not the new political ones. I will never listen to the DIxie Chicks again

1.0 star rating Njv from Dallas, Texas


Trying to relive my amazing childhood with the 10+ hits they had in the 90s. They maybe played 3? They decided to play teasers of those hits and never played the actual song. the entire concert was made up of brand new songs from an album majority of us have never heard. We came to watch what you originally were famous for. We definitely didn’t come to hear about your political views (that lesson should have been learned the last time). Music is therapy to the soul. We come to concerts to escape reality and sing our hearts out. Majority of the folks sat down and played on their phones or left early. The best song I heard was from a fan in the bathroom “If they wont sing them, I will…”and she got an overwhelming amount of claps. Y’all lost me which is a shame because you guys are talented.


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