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Madonna Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.0 Stars)

Number of reviews: 94



5.0 star rating Donna McCrenor from New York, New York (from Brisbane Australia)


OMG the Madonna concert was amazing, Madonna totlally rocked Madison Square Gardens. Madonna sang songs off her new album and classic songs as well. Being from Australia it was great to finally see Madonna in concert again. It's been quite a while since she has been to Australia, that's why I came to New York.

5.0 star rating Michael and Randy from Chicago, Illinois


That is what Madonna takes you on for a FABULOUS 2 and a half hours. Any one who may have forgotten how beautiful, talented and spiritual she is will quickly remember her inner strength. A performance one will never forget !

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


What a Great Journey ! Chris Rock was a Surprise standing on our left. It's amazing what the power of Expressing ones self can accomplish with .

5.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


I’ve been to every tour, except the Virgin Tour and this was the most unique intimate experience of a lifetime with an Icon who is the last of her generation! Words can’t describe how unique and special this was. Fresh, current and Intimate. All I can say is she did it again 🥰

5.0 star rating Kathleen from San Francisco, California


I don’t know who these people are giving her bad reviews but they are wrong. She was Madonna being herself and she was FABULOUS. By the looks on the faces of the people in the audience everyone felt the same way Thank you Madonna for not disappointing. I still love you.

5.0 star rating Salvatore from San Francisco, California


I may be biased cause I love her and I sat in the front row. Still thought it was fun and high energy. I loved the intimate talking part of the show. I’ve always wanted that from her and she delivered it. Finally. I’ve been to many of her concerts and the intimate setting was perfect. She sang enough oldies to satisfy her true fans. The new stuff isn’t great but it has some culture and history behind it. If you love Madonna you should go see her. Pay the extra money for good seats. So worth it!

5.0 star rating Barbara M from San Francisco, California


I and a lot of fans enjoyed Madonna’s show in SF. It was my first opportunity to see Madonna live in concert. Madonna still has a powerful strong projective singing voice! (and she had a cold, dancing with rhythm, flexibility, singing while doing an somewhat upside down split, and while going up and down steep prop steps with an injured tendon) It was great to hear Madonna sing and belt out her powerful voice in the theater! I only wish she sang more of her previous forever memorable #1 songs. I had to sit in the last row and still enjoyed Madonna. I also observed all the Golden Gate Theatre workers from Operations, Sound System, Ushers, Security Guards, First Responders and Volunteers, etc,..they also worked hard to make Madonna’s show enjoyable for fans. Hopefully the GGT will upgrade and/or fix their air conditioning. It was sweltering hot! Madonna had a Theatre to perform, sing powerfully, to be personal with fans and to voice out her opinions and let out thoughts naturally.

5.0 star rating Kevin Pebbles Guerue from Dallas, Texas


This is what my wait in life is all about….I Love You Madonna..

5.0 star rating Big Fan from Toronto, Ontario


BRILLIANT. Artist. Would love to see again

5.0 star rating James Leon from Harlem from New York, New York


This show gave me LIFE! All the reasons I go to a concert were satisfied. I could not believe that a woman of her age could put on such a spectacular show. The staging and choreography were amazing. She sang, she danced, she acted, she talked, she ROCKED!!!

5.0 star rating R. Janesko from Toms River, NJ


On Monday at Madison Square Garden, Madonna proved once again that she is a powerhouse of pop music. The entire production keyed in on her life, her ups and downs, highs and lows, and did it with creatively. Her talent and music still stands the test of time and Madonna is still in top form, her talent improves as her career moves ahead. It was a night that anyone lucky enough to have been in that New York City audience will never forget. Kudos once again to Madonna , her talent, honesty and showmanship.

5.0 star rating Mel B from Easton,Pa


Madonna out on an amazing show at Madison Square Garden! She played all of her favorite hits, and more! She had numerous outfit changes, and danced, sang and played the night away! She threw in her personality as we all already know how she is, but it was a great performance! I'm a fan all over again!

5.0 star rating from Saint Paul, Minnesota


February 13, 2024 concert I absolutely loved this concert! Theatrical and almost circus like because there was so much to see; you didn’t know where to look. The major majority of crowd stayed through the whole concert even though she started almost 2 hours late. She’s sang everything you expected her to sing, she saying well, she looked great, and dances fabulous, especially for her age!! Everyone sounds so bothered by her supposed political views. Wake up people this is the 2000s, stop being so judgmental and just love one another. I am a bigger fan now than I ever was❤️

5.0 star rating SonomaS from Las Vegas NV


She started after 10pm. I wish I would have known. That is only complaint. Once she started show, she exceeded expectations. This is pop concert experience like nothing I have seen. Just enjoy and dance. She is Madonna and delivered great! I have been a fan since 80’s and love her musical journey over the years. She is no doubt an unbelievable talent. Her kids who performed at show demonstrated real talent. Kudos to her as Mom!

5.0 star rating from Tampa, Florida


WOW! Madonna rocks, she put up a hell of a show. The sound was on point, the choreography was amazing.

5.0 star rating Dawn Marie Tate from Tampa, Florida


I saw Madonna in Tampa on April 4th, 2024. We did wait a couple of hours for her to come on stage, but she was definitely worth the wait. We were entertained by the DJ during the wait and conversating and enjoying the vibe. Once she came onstage, I was just crying. She is beautiful and talented and has been my idol for 41 years. I am a die hard fan and for good reason. She is an amazing entertainer, mother, and all around person. It was awesome to see her children with her onstage. I saw Madonna for the who's that girl tour many years ago when I was 16. I brought my now 16 year old daughter to this concert, and she absolutely loved it. She's in awe of Madonna. And Madonna had now another fan. She has sustained all these years, I would go to all of her shows if I could. She is a legend period!!!!!

4.0 star rating J Parker from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Great star presence. The glamour and confidence are still there. I suspect her injury and age has slowed her down a bit. She’s still relevant and a must see. Political views are spot on! The supporting musicians and dancers were excellent too! Thank you MDNA for your super show!

4.0 star rating Cindy jo simmons from Austin, Texas


Thanks Madonna for bringing celebration tour to Austin Texas, this is definitely a bucket list thing and she was flawless

3.0 star rating Matthew from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


As a massive lifelong Madonna fan I can honestly say I am genuinely disappointed by her performance. I give exception to age and her health but frankly, if you can’t perform- cancel. Took the stage late on a Monday in February after rescheduling. It was a sauna in the venue, she kept giving bizarre opinions, the dancers appeared more like personal caretakers assisting her, the song choices were fine but performed like she was somewhere else, and people were leaving left and right. The one moment I was all in for was her live to tell aids tribute. Sadly, my 13 year old former self, who idolized her, left feeling disappointed and duped. My niece sad I was making these feelings up in my head on the way home today. After reading the reviews of true Madonna fans from other venues, feel validated I know what I saw. And what I saw was sad. Lots of money for a performer who hast lost touch with her fans and quite frankly, after last night burned the bridge with many of them.

3.0 star rating IVANNA from Montenegro, Europe


I came from Montenegro to NY to watch the show. I respect the ratio and consistency of Madonna trought her career. Very strong human being on the right place in teh right time. I must say that teh concert was good, but I expected to be excellent. Madison Sqare Garden was great place. Madonna was very good in singing. However, production was sooooo ordinary. To simple for one of the richest and famous music stars in the world, especially known for a great shows. More special effects supposed to be included in performance. I expected at least the rain to start when she started to sing "Rain". It looked like a some good human circus. Dancers were great, but it should be more of them on the floor. Someone said that her talk was annoying. I belive that it is OK that she also had the wich to share her feelings with the audiance. Finally, she is not music box. All in all, I can say that Madonna is Super Human Being not Super Star. No on on this Earth is the Super Star. We are all just dust in the wind. So, make a wind blow, and leave your dust everywhere... That's what Madonna actually did in this life...Her dust is her music...Her strong will is her wind... Thank you, Madonna, whoever you are. Ivanna

3.0 star rating Justus Holm from Renton, Washington


Expect R rated only. Expect 80 degrees in climate pledge. Expect to Start 1.75 hours late. Expect the loudest ear ringing bass blast concert you will ever hear. (Ear plugs did not help) Expect to see a great play not a great music concert.

3.0 star rating Beatriz Rodriguez from Miami, Florida


I went to the Madonna concert on Saturday, 04.06.24 in Miami, Florida. The concert was amazing she rocked but unfortunately it was unbearable, that it was I gave a 3 rating. I asked one of the security why it was so hot in the arena and she told me that Madonna had them turned off the a/c, the show was sold out there were so many people in the audience and no ventilation. It was so hot in the arena that it was just simply unbearable. I just wanted to leave and we did leave early. Madonna you just can't turned off the a/c in Miami. That's the last concert for me. 😞

2.0 star rating D. Kline from Chicago, Illinois


I am a pretty big fan & have been since the 80's, but the October 16th show at the Chicago Theater was a big disappointment. I think the intimate factor would have worked better if she just sang more than talked. There were a few good moments, though. A few. I love new ideas and pushing the envelope but Madonna talked wayyy too much. I like hearing her speak and loved many parts of what she covered, etc. but she dragged on way too much and the energy dropped. It would have also been nice to hear more older songs. I like her new stuff however only singing a few older songs was a total bummer. Paying over $300 for my ticket was a mistake. Seeing friends and having a few drinks in a beautiful theater was what made the night so much better. Hopefully the rest of the shows in Chicago and this tour improve!

2.0 star rating Veronica from Chicago, Illinois


I was looking forward to listen some of my favorite songs, but she talk a LOT!!! Old 80’s style concert , too hot!! 80 degrees!!!plus body heat!! Plus the late stat 11:20.

2.0 star rating Mary from Chicago, Illinois


It’s a shame that we spent all this money for tickets for this show. First of a all, the show started 45 minutes late; no consideration for her fans but it appears she really doesn’t care about her fans and is just concerned about herself and her views, typical Madonna, but great entertainer so you accept that. However, this show was very disappointing, sometimes boring, extremely political; very uncomfortable. You pay money for entertainment, I guess if the truth be told, to get away from politics and world issues for just a short period of time. If your looking for a great Madonna concert as she has performed in the past, this is far from an entertaining, great night out Madonna concert.

2.0 star rating Pinotgirl from Las Vegas, Nevada


I have been a fan from the beginning. Our ticket said the show time was 8:30, but then changed to 10:30, but to arrive no later than 9:30. She started playing well after midnight. Her fans booed, yelled “refund” and many walked out. The whole theatre had an angry vibe. You could tell she voice dubbed a lot, she made numerous comments about the air conditioning bothering her, and was just not happy performing. I flew in for this show - I love her, but making people wait was just rude and unprofessional. I love the new album too, but I am so disappointed in this performance. I was sitting amongst angry people. Too hard to enjoy the show. Security threw the really upset people out. Start you show on time Madonna! Christ your fans aren’t 20!

2.0 star rating Former Madonna fan praying for her vacant skeleton from Las Vegas, Nevada


Saw the 3rd show she did in Vegas. She started on time! But turned the A/C off. The arena was a sauna, Asked the ushers what’s up with the A/C, 5 different ushers all said, it’s her, she wanted the place hot. After starting 2 Shows late (2+ hours the first night) after changing the start time to 10:30pm. Just one jab after another at the people who have given her a lifetime of fortune and fame. Never, ever i have I seen heard of an artist hating her fans so much. What an ungrateful, resentful, malicious, condescending, low class, trashy performer. Said her show was like Mozart coming out of her pussy. Really! What a class act you have turned into. After being late for almost every show on this tour (4 hours in Melbourne, Australia) she is being sued for the Miami show. The sound and the show was nicely produced and the new material was better in person than on the CD. It’s the hateful arrogant self important disrespectful ugly soul she has become that is sad. Move over Bill Cosby and save a seat for Madonna as another putrid abuser of power and prestige.

2.0 star rating Kris from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This was my first Madonna concert and I was truly disappointed. The change in time was ok but, then she was still late! The theatre was so hot it was ridiculous! At her request!! I will say all the Staff at the Mets were very courteous! I wanted to hear music and not political views and about her vagina! Too much talking! I hope she saw the response from the audience when she did Like a Prayer! That was the best part of the show!

2.0 star rating Lila G. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A lot of reviewers had already said it for me so I will keep it short. I have been to a lot of concerts in the past and never ever did I want to get up and leave, as I did during Madonna's 12/8/19 spectacle. I saw Madonna a long time ago and expected this one to be the same. What a huge disappointment.

2.0 star rating Ed from New York, New York


I love and respect Madonna. This show was not worth the price and effort at all. First of all, she's not at the top of her game....which is understandable, but when you're so used to her being the Queen, well, it's just not as fun. I could easily have overlooked that but for the awful sound at Barclays. I knew every song and there were multiple time during the show that I couldn't even make out what song she was singing. I went to hear her and could not.

2.0 star rating RL from Boston, Massachusetts


A friend of mine - who is a die-hard Madonna fan - spent a small fortune on tickets to this show. We arrived at 8pm, with plenty of time to get seated for an advertised 8:30pm start - and had to wait for more than 2 hrs for the "show" to begin! Which was pathetic, to say the least. Luckily we had not planned on taking the T for transportation home after the show - by the time the show ended, the T had already shut down (so all of the hundreds of folks reliant on the T to get home were scr*wed!). Also not enchanted with the people who insisted on standing up in front of us for more than half the show to take photo's video's - so much for getting "good seats close to the stage to see better". It's a pity that these logistical issues took so much away from what was a very dynamic stage production. I won't be going to another Madonna show any time soon, if ever, for the above reasons.

2.0 star rating Linda M from Toronto, Ontario


Disappointing on so many levels. Disrespectful, slow and dependant on her dancers, stage show and ‘younger (actor) self’ to pick up the pace. Never thought I would sum up a Madonna concert as boring. I get it, she’s older and maybe I’m comparing to her vibrant, cutting edge ‘80s self. But there comes a time to do a 'Gretzgy’ and retire around your prime, rather than let arrogance be your brand.

2.0 star rating Cindy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The show was hot, but in the wrong way! I dressed for a show at a hockey arena on a cold night, and it was a bad decision. Show was supposed to start at 8:30 - started at 10:10 which I expected based on other cities. What I didn’t expect was not to be able to tell what song she was singing because of the overpowering bass. Not sure if it was the location of our seats, the sound system, bad mixing, or some other reason but it felt like being at Burning Man and camping beside I❤️Radio! Because of the late start, fans had lots of time to hit the bars, and later in the evening a woman puked on the people in front of her. Maybe a result of the heat & the alcohol? The production itself was amazing, but I came for the music. It was telling that few people - except those on the floor - were standing during the show. People booed a couple of times, some left early, a woman afterwards said it was the worst concert she had ever attended. Bottom line: this was performance art, not a concert.

2.0 star rating Deb from Sacramento California


The second time I’ve seen her. Not impressed at all. Was hoping for her wonderful older songs. Same political stuff and songs that we did not know. I was hoping for an 80’s remake but sooo disappointed. Won’t do it again. Thousands spent and left bummed. .

2.0 star rating Lisa L. from Atlanta, Georgia


I went to “celebrate” 40 years of Madonna’s AMAZING music, thinking to myself “ DANCE PARY”!!! (I bought tickets the night of the show.) After listening to her lame DJ for 2 hours, Madonna finally enters the stage….never singing 2 songs in a row. Her Broadway type of performance was not what I expected, and the awful acoustics and blaring base at State Farm Arena made it difficult to understand her dialogue. Rumor has it that she was struggling with her voice, as well. I was disappointed and wished I had saved my $75 for the ticket, $49 in service charges and the $48 that I spent on 2 cocktails.

2.0 star rating from Miami, Florida


Looking forward to seeing madonna for over a year, it was a huge disappointment. She talked more than she sung. We spent alot of money on these tickets and ended up leaving early. Such a disappointment

2.0 star rating Tim B from Miami, Florida


Like many others, looking forward so much to hearing all the greats that we grew up with, wasn't that the point? Seems it was lost somewhere, many songs were unrecognizable, many of the classics not even performed (like a virgin was played for about 30 secs and she was nowhere to be seen!), she ranted on about social issues for an inordinate amount of time (was Miami bored she asked - YES we were!). I thought the extreme heat was a problem of the airco but found out she had deliberately turned it off, so UNCOMFORTABLE. And yes she arrived at 10.20 for a concert scheduled for 8.30... on a Sunday night! of course people walked out early.

2.0 star rating Dawn from Austin, Texas


She didn’t play any of the songs that made her famous. She started to sing a few, the audience would cheer like crazy and then she’d switch up to some other song that was unknown. We kept waiting for one of her old hits but it never happened. And the bass was awful! I had to plug my ears for several songs - it was like when that car pulls up to you and the bass is too high and you feel the thumping throughout your body. Awful! Same as the other reviews, she started late and it was hot in the venue. We were lucky that she didn’t talk too much for this show and the dancers were entertaining but for the amount I spent on tickets this was such a disappointment. I’ve seen a lot of the older artists and they always play their old hits. That’s what people come to see. Don’t waste your money on this one.

2.0 star rating Marti from Austin, Texas


Monday night in Austin. My original ticket was on a Friday. The concert was hot AF!! Madonna can’t sing unless it’s 80 f’ing something degrees. I will NEVER attend anything related to Madonna again -EVER!! I’m 53and was so looking forward to this show and it just a fell so flat. I was embarrassed that I bought the tickets. Its1am and I’m home in bed wishing I would’ve saved that shite load of cash!! My Madonna fascination is done.

2.0 star rating Ryan Perez from Austin, Texas


It was bad enough that it was 80 degrees inside the venue, worse that she was 2 hours late, just because. On top of that, the Moddy Center won't let you go outside so instead you have to sweat and spend $20 on a drink. It was a very odd show that tried to be one part career retrospective and one part edgy and controversial. The sound was off several times, It if weren't for her catalog of hits, this would have been one huge dumpster fire.

2.0 star rating Jug from Austin, Texas


The DJ warmup act started at 8:30 pm and ended at 9:30. Madonna didn't come out until after 10:30. The arena was miserably hot, everyone sweating and complaining - great way to start a show. Madonna simply didn't bring it... she just "phoned it in." She had low energy and didn't appear to be excited or enthused about the show. It felt like she was just going through the motions thinking her legacy would be enough to get her through the show. No band, just a sound track including vocals. She did sing and sounded pretty good at times. But the bass was cranked and distorted and overpowered any vocals. She talked too much, explained her show in too much detail with lots of repetition. Theatrical transitions took way too long breaking the flow of the show. Many of her songs were truncated. Lighting, projections, dancers, etc were great but seemingly wasted on a lackluster musical performance.

1.0 star rating Elly from Chicago, Illinois


This was the worst concert I have ever been to. You could not even call it a concert, it was Madonna talking, other people singing, poor poor show. Completely disappointed. Want my money back. We actually left early it was so bad.

1.0 star rating Paula from Chicago, Illinois


1030 start time sucked and she only played 3 of her oldies. I’m not a fan of her new stuff

1.0 star rating Kassandra from Chicago, Illinois


Went to the concerts 10/16 and was very disappointed. We thought we were going a concert and it was mostly her political platform. $260 per ticket and we ended up leaving after an hour of listening to her brag about her drinking and her hoo-ha. We grew up listening to her music and we were very excited about the concert. If you are going to the concert to hear her sing you will be very disappointed.

1.0 star rating Kellie Nelson from Chicago, Illinois


What a waste of time and money. She talked more than she sang. A few in the audience were screaming for her to sing a song. Although, politically I agree with her views, it would have been nice to have an evening out without her political diatribe, especially about abortion. She is foul, often referring to her genitalia. I do not recommend children attending this show. Definitely not family friendly. The show did not begin until 11:00 pm. Much has already been written about this. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this until after the tickets were purchased, or I would not have wasted my time and money. Due to an overall lousy show, we left early. Again, a big waste of time and money.

1.0 star rating BD from Chicago, Illinois


It was not a concert. It was more a political bombardment. It was so depressing we left after 1 hour & fifteen minutes. I couldn’t take anymore. She didn’t start till 11 pm! I hope the show got better after we left for the people who stayed. Besides locking up your phone they made you check your purse if it was bigger than 5 x 7 and you had to pay $2.00 to do it. So make sure you have pockets for money etc! What a waste of $290.00! 😡

1.0 star rating Feeling Ripped Off from Chicago, Illinois


I’d give her show no stars except I was glad to see the beautiful Chicago Theater while in Chicago for the 1st time. I’ve never seen Madonna and we are the same age so I was very excited to see her before she stops touring and wanted the smaller venue. I knew about the no cell phone policy and was on board with that but her show was awful! I knew it was going to be political but it was full on crazy! The typing made very little sense and was on the verge of illiterate and then she laid on her stomach and “belly ached” about being a lonely soccer mom in Lisbon and how she can’t even speak Portuguese. Someone buy this chick Rosetta Stone! Her political messages we’re contrary and she came off as elitist and I felt she used her adoptive children as props and once she started talking about genitalia in such a vulgar way, we’d had enough and left! Very disappointing! Times up on you touring Madge!

1.0 star rating PW from Chicago, Illinois


Wasted my time & money seeing this Madonna “spectacle”. She was rude and mean to members in the audience. Ranted about politics and starting a revolution. She didn’t come on stage until 11:10pm. We kept hoping she would belt out all of her old classics....didn’t happen. We left the show “early” at 1:00am...very disappointed and mentally exhausted.

1.0 star rating Debra from Chicago, Illinois


In disbelief we watched 61 year old Madonna, A music icon that we have listened to and loved for thirty years, talk about her political view and her vagina. My husband and I paid 400.00 per ticket to have a night of song and reminiscing to feel good for a few hours, definitely to forget all about the sad splitting of our country. Isn’t that why we go to MUSIC concerts? To feel good? To spend our hard earned money on something that will raise our spirits? She auctions a Polaroid picture of herself for 3,400.00, where is that money going to. Chicago’s homeless? Education programs for the under privileged? Should we ask her? Sunday night and the show starts at 11:20. How disrespectful to her fans who have to get up and work for a living the next day. It shows how much she respects the feelings of others. Ego, Ego , Ego. So let me wrap this up, Anyone who went there to hear Madonna realized she is now a washed up has-been trying to shock and awe an audience by throwing out her unintelligible political garble and talk about her vagina. We want our money back! Please note: What’s sad is there was a following of young sheep that had no clue why the people that were there to listen to music were disappointed. That was almost more disturbing then Madonna. WARNING! This should not be marketed as a concert because it is not. Unfortunately Like so many artists today she abused her fans, stole their hard earned money, crammed her uneducated political opinion down their throats and forced them to walk out. I’ve made up my mind, I’m over Madonna. How’s that sound girls?

1.0 star rating Megan Chicago from Chicago, Illinois


I’ve never left a concert before in my life! She sang 2 song and talked for 20 minutes about stupid shit that no one cares about. Very disappointed. The ac didn’t work it was extremely hot inside theatre.

1.0 star rating Chris M. from Chicago, Illinois


Madonna's show Sunday night 10/27/19 in Chicago was awful. She didn't even hid her lip-synching to the pre-recorded track she played. Show was pushed back to 10:30 p.m., she didn't come on until 11:30 p.m. I was out the door by 12:15 a.m. because I couldn't handle it! No wonder cell phones weren't allowed, she didn't want anyone to know how much she sucks! Who do I talk to about getting my money back?

1.0 star rating David Parson from San Francisco, California


Madonna is still under the impression she is a popular start and accomplished musician. She is neither. She told the audience in San Francisco they were lazy, despite cheering her mediocre production. When she turned on the audience, the audience turned on her. Many people left early. Those who remained suffered through a shadow of her former luster.

1.0 star rating Kelly from Las Vegas, Nevada


There was so much wrong with this show. First, she did not take the stage until midnight, after leaving fans sitting in the theater without phones for an hour and a half. Then she opened a show IN VEGAS with imagery of a man being shot from a distance multiple times over the course of several minutes. This would have been disturbing in any venue, but in Vegas especially it was beyond disrespectful. As most other reviewers noted, she talked and talked and talked. And plenty of her talking was either unnecessarily crass, overly political (I’m at a concert, not watching cable news), or condescending and derogatory to the audience. At one point, she chastised us for not being energetic enough (we were tired. and annoyed). She did a weird bit where she tried to auction a Polaroid to the audience for thousands of dollars and complained that we were being “cheap” after people were literally handing over thousands in cash. Just don’t go. Madonna ruined Madonna for me. Go see Gaga instead.

1.0 star rating John from Las Vegas, Nevada


What I witnessed was a washed up pill head using the concert as a political platform.. The worst “performance” I have ever witnessed. Lots of talking and rambling and not very much singing. She sang three and a half of her old songs.. and didn’t finish “Papa Don’t Preach” and instead choose to cut it short for a rant about the patriarcy. Apparently, NOBODY has the balls to let Madonna know that she putting on an awful show. They confiscate your phone at the door b/c if anyone leaked video of the show nobody would come to see a once great artist have a mental breakdown on stage. Her political gun control rant fell on deaf ears b/c she has armed security.

1.0 star rating Yamaki from Las Vegas, Nevada


no energy. just boring. i was one of the many that left early. i wanted so much to LOVE this show, but it was SO BAD. why did sh come on so late? certainly not much of a show to mentally prepare for. she was a disrespectful mess.

1.0 star rating BG from Las Vegas, Nevada


Read all the other comments and can’t agree more. All it was was a platform for her to discuss her political agenda. More Ramblings than actual music. Very disappointing and a waste of money. Never was a huge fan of Madonna, but this event (not concert) made me not want to listen to her music ever again.

1.0 star rating LA from Las Vegas, Nevada


I got these tickets for my mom. Now my mom has seen all the top performers in Las Vegas since 1960. She has seen the Rat Pack, Elvis, Cher, just to name three I would say over 75 concert's since then and not once has she ever walk out of any show until Saturday Nov. 9th she walk out of Madonna's show at Caesars Palace. To much talking and not enough singing and no connection to the audience, just plain rude and as for the picture that was not right.

1.0 star rating Hugo Alarcon from Los Angeles, California


I have always been a huge fan of Madonna since I was a kid growing up in the 80’s just felt magical the first time I got a glimpse of her music such a unique and captivating sound I was just looking so forward to experiencing this for the first time in person just really amped up expecting to listening to some of my all time favorite hits like borderline, material girl, isla Bonita, like a virgin and just so many and got not even remotely close to that at all and the songs I did recognize which were maybe two or three weren’t particularly what I was hoping to hear but I guess like a prayer and Vogue were all I got for the six hundred dollars I spend followed by a hot venue and a lot of talking and more talking about things that you try get away from for a moment at least and then you get more of it there in an enclosed space just unbelievably shocked how this show ended up being from what I imagined or expected to be like I definitely won’t ever feel the same about Madonna again what a total shame

1.0 star rating Susan from Los Angeles, California


Saw Madonna last night at the Wiltern. I've been a fan since I was a kid, and was really looking forward to seeing Madonna. But, to say her show and all the shenanigans were disappointing is an understatement. The venue was extremely hot. I was told Madonna requested it to be no cooler than 76. With all the people in the room, it had to be in the upper 80s. People were fanning themselves as Madonna was complaining she felt a draft. I knew about the phone policy, but nowhere was I told that I'd be subjected to a physical pat down everytime I left and came back in the auditorium either from getting water or going to the bathroom. All of Madonna's political ramblings about democracy and our rights be violated, then having security pat down your fans like criminals because you don't want your picture taken is quite hypocritical. It was a waste of $800 and extremely disappointing.

1.0 star rating Bobbie laswell from Los Angeles


Worst concert in my life. I’m 66 and have been to too many to count. She was an angry artist with a bad attitude. Does not recognize her fans that put her where she is today. (I’m not a fan. Went as abu jet lust to see am I on - big mistake). Air Conditioning was shut off - her request. We sweltered. She played 2 hits. I spreading the word. She’s an angry, bitter artist. Waste of money.

1.0 star rating Ricardo Henriquez from Los Angeles, San Diego


Wow. What an disappointment. This was not a musical concert, more of a political play. Mostly she was rambling about herself and kids and her views on political stuff. Who da fuq cares about your kids, I paid money to hear her sing and make me feel good. Instead we were hot, bored and waiting for more. First time my wife and I ever leave a “concert” midway. Save your money or sell those tickets. Not the Madonna everyone came to see.

1.0 star rating Karen Lynn from Chicago, Illinois


Take my warning and do not waste your money like I just did. What a waste of money that I would never call a concert. It was mostly Madonna giving us her political views instead of the singing fans paid a lot of money to hear. Did not pay $800 to hear her carryon and on about politics. I don’t care what you think, what makes you like you are qualified or that your fans care what your political opinions are. She had such a filthy mouth, talking about inappropriate things, don’t take kids. Only sang 3 songs, was extremely late coming on stage, talked most of the time and very disrespectful to her fans. I am sorry but, shut up and sing, that is what your fans paid for. So disrespectful to keep your fans waiting for close to 2 hours, majority of which I am sure had to work in the morning. Get over yourself Madonna.

1.0 star rating from Las Vegas, Nevada


Another brainwashed celebrity using her ability to express personal political views from the stage. In addition to that she literally kept concertgoers as hostages by demanding to turn off the air-conditioner during the show. That is literally health and safety issue. Total disrespect to the audience - we were forced to leave after 40 min. We are filing for request to get our money back.

1.0 star rating Disappointed fan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The most disappointing concert I have gone to in the last 30 years. Started late, she mostly talked, her foul language was over the top, complained she was cold all the time, and I wasted good money.

1.0 star rating Brenda Abruzzese from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I don’t even know where to begin with this review. I feel as though the show walked a thin line of brilliance and bat shit crazy. I knew going in that this wasn’t going to be a typical concert, and I was telling myself to view this performance as an art installation. However, it was neither. The show had you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the hell was going to happen next. The show started out with a bang, literally, but quickly spiraled out of control from there. I do give Madonna credit. It was a physically demanding, well choreographed production, with at her age and health issues was a feat. The theatre was sweltering hot because the queen was cold. This was very inconsiderate to her fans. It was a completely uncomfortable experience. The phone free environment was freeOmg and frustrating at the same time. The Polaroid situation-BIZARRE. Wtf Madonna. If you are going to the show for a concert you will be highly disappointed. Going for a unique experience-go for it

1.0 star rating Mark O'B from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Attended Dec. 7th show...was so pedestrian and total audience toture! Being late was expected ... being uninspiring, tired and so lacking any WOW factor was not...the cherry on top for Madame X Madness was she made theatre turn up the heat to the highest it could go...making everyone uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor...miss it and you'll thank yourself! Shame on you're not all that!

1.0 star rating JR from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Not a concert at all , not close. Aside from late start by 45 minutes, it was more like a campaign for political views and genitalia. Too much talk and not enough music. Her once famous music talent turned in to a late night talk show host with a genitalia fixation. Many rude fans who insisted on standing blocking views of many who came to watch and be entertained. Between the price of admission and lack of her older stuff it was anything but good. Requesting a refund. For those who contemplate this adventure, DON’T. Spend your hard earned money on a great dinner instead and listen to one of her old albums. Plain horrible

1.0 star rating Parisiens from Canada


We purchased 4 tickets to see Madonna on December 7th at 8:30 pm. A couple of weeks after,the start time was changed to 10:30 pm. Since we had e-tickets, we had to bring a phone with us. However, this was a no phone concert - so they should have sold printable tickets. Next, we arrived at the venue with plenty of time to spare. We were processed, bought drinks, and were at our seats by 10 pm. The venue was extremely warm (even though Madonna, throughout her show, complained that the venue was cold). A group started playing muzak of Madonna's songs from about 10:30 to 11:00 - the music was slow and relaxing - not a good warm-up for a concert. When Madonna FINALLY came on stage at 11:25 her show started with a protest of gun violence. She continued to speak of too many different social issues throughout her show. She spoke almost more than she sang. She did not sing any of her older, more popular songs. We would love a refund for this show. Do not waste your time or money!

1.0 star rating Gloria crawford from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Worst concert ever. left in the middle. major dissapointment. EXTREMELY hot in the venue - over 85 degrees, as per Madonna's request. she didnt sing her hits, and talked way too much. person in front stood whole time and blocked view of everyone seated behind him. people mostly stood only when hits were sung, rest of the time audience sat - except for the guy in front of us. between the temperature, the guy standing, the lack of hit songs and too much talking, we left - several others in our section did as well. would love a refund.

1.0 star rating JRM from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Saw her Dec 7 show in Philly. I agree with all the other 1 Star and 2 star reviews. I can no longer defend her bad behavior. I was so upset, I deleted ALL my Spotify playlists with her songs and deleted ALL my facebooks posts about her - I’m so heartbroken still and it’s been 3 days since the concert. She lost me as a fan and supporter. I wish her well and wish her the best. I love her for the soundtrack to my past up until Dec 7th. I’m moving on from her now XOXO

1.0 star rating Michael Thompson from Miami, Florida


I was so disappointed at this concert not only did the concert start at 11:15 but Madonna had the venue turn off the air-conditioning two days ago so that the room would be hot so she could sing. Unfortunately the auditorium at the Fillmore was literally over 100°. I met with the manager and will be getting a full refund. I believe the Florida department of health should get involved with her future shows at the Fillmore since it is a health risk for all show attendees

1.0 star rating Eric from Massachusetts from Miami, Florida


Madonna’s show on Saturday night was the worst concert I have ever attended...First, she started 45 minutes later than the already adjusted start time of 10:30pm. Next, she demanded that the a/c be shut off, which made it extremely uncomfortable. When most of the audience began chanting for the air to be turned on, Madonna told everyone to f-off...She is without a doubt so out of touch with reality...A narcissist of the tenth degree. I want my money back as we walked out after a little over an hour. We just couldn’t take it any longer. She barely sang, and when she did, it was to pre-recorded tracks. At this point, she should just come to grips with the fact that no one cares for ANY of her new music, and nor do we care about her political views. She is so irrelevant in the music world at this point, it is probably killing her...We want our money back. Seeing the show was painful and a total waste of time!!!

1.0 star rating Beck from Florida from Miami, Florida


Sadly, I agree with all the other negative reviews and for the same reasons. Show time was 8 pm, changed to 10:30. She showed at 11:15 pm. Her opinions were expressed: Hate cops? Check. Pro-choice? Check. We actually heard two lines from Papa Don’t Preach for that number. Hate Trump? Gotcha covered. I do admire the dancers and musicians and their hard work, but it was just awful. To delta the start time, to insist cell phones be under lock and key. To use foul language...don’t bring any kids you thought you might like to expose to her earlier years of prolific songs. Not much applause, and many left early. Look, I get musicians need to write new music, but this was a resounding disappointment. Not a recipe for success. Nice use of my $360.00 ticket.

1.0 star rating X Fan from Miami, Florida


Went to Madame X experience (can’t call it a concert) with my 15 year old daughter to see Madonna and was so shocked and horrified that this was supposed to be a concert. I really think she needs to give all the fans that have expressed our thoughts on her just terrible performance our money back with an apology letter hand written by her....Joke of course she would never do that probably beneath her. Hey Mabitch you’re 61 and you’re a terrible singer and role model. It was embarrassing to watch you. Obviously my daughter and I left early. She felt bad for me since I was once a fan...if you can get your money back do so No one cares about your political views. Everyone was there to enjoy their time of and you fucked it up!

1.0 star rating Lifelong Madonna Fan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


It was way too hot in the theater. Madonna should have worn a cute sweater or some layers, because everyone was suffering in a number of ways. I was in a t-shirt and pants and had to miss part of the show to splash my face with cold water. The performance was sad and full of way too much talking about her vagina, and then politics. I agree with Madonna’s politics but she’s not the best speaker on the subject. She also talked about money a little too much, which felt classist and condescending. Selling a polaroid to an audience member is tacky. I’m not a fan of her new album at all but still expected more, and her classic hits sounded bad with the exception of Frozen. The theatrics were lacking for a Madonna concert, there was a lot of lip-syncing with little dancing and her attitude is off-putting. I got the tickets as a gift but should have given them away. I still love Madonna’s music up to 2005, then some of the Rebel Heart album, but regret seeing this show.

1.0 star rating Lee Lee from Miami, Florida


Wish I could give zero stars as she had the balls to cancel on the spot last nite the last nite of her miami shows. It’s all meant to be I guess because I paid a ton of money for a show that got such hideous reviews.

1.0 star rating Donald T from Boston, Massachusetts


No entertainment till 10:45 waited, 2 1/2 hours late and did the same in chicago. Other fans felt the same way about being very late for a show shceduled for 8:30 pm for A high price let down. She should refund all the ticket sales in other cities also. Plus it was a poor performance. Fans that pay big money need to complain and speak up for being ripped off.

1.0 star rating Louise from Toronto, Ontario


Have seen her multiple times and her shows were amazing this one not so much. 1. 2 hours late starting 2. Truncated versions of hits 3. Unnecessary nudity etc 4. Because of the very late start Had to leave early because I would have missed the last train to get home. So $350 to see an hour of a show that was mediocre at best. Disrespectful and rude i don’t understand the late starts why because you like pissing your fans off. You’ve always been a diva but your past shows were epic. It’s sad to see you have gone so far down your shows are not worth the money or attention and neither are you.

1.0 star rating Bob from Toronto, Ontario


Was all a show I even wonder if she was actually singing or just moving her lips. Cheep to have a DJ and Bob the Drag Queen didn't add any value in my opinion .

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


It was a montage of her songs where you heard at most 1/3 of a song and then same thing on to the next song, either perform the entire song or not at all. Way too much talking between songs which was mostly incoherent political rhetoric. Very Underwhelming and the subdued crowd agreed.

1.0 star rating Michelle from Cleveland, Ohio


8:30 show time but too stage after 10 PM. Songs not recognizable- very dark theme to the show- unnecessary nudity and overly sexual dances. Madonna could have sat on a stool and sang the songs we love her for and it would have been so much better. Left early.

1.0 star rating J.A.M from San Francisco, California


I was so excited to see Madonna with my boyfriend and his mom! I was badly disappointed she wasn’t giving it felt more like bobs show then anything else. May I say half assed. Idk I came to see sexy Madonna not your ten year old child flaying about. Ended up leaving early after that. Was not worth my time or money.

1.0 star rating LJ from Las Vegas, Nevada


I have seen so many shows in Las Vegas through the years and this is the worst show ever. I was expecting to see Madonna perform her iconic hits but this was a disaster. She didn’t come on until 9:50 pm, the T-Mobile Arena was pushing 90 degrees, the music was so loud you couldn’t hear her sing over the distorted loud base that ear plugs couldn’t even help. We walked out after 30 minutes. Madonna is classless, disrespectful, and shouldn’t be charging even $1 to see her. It’s not even worth that.

1.0 star rating from Las Vegas, Nevada


Heavy techno music drowning Madonna's voice, gimmicky and it was weird to hear her voice from a very different face. My husband at first thought it was an impersonator. Many left before the end of the show. We waited more than 1 hour since she was lvery late to a let-dwon show. Don't bother.

1.0 star rating Gus Matthews from Chicago, Illinois


Madonna sucks!! Don’t waste your time or money!

1.0 star rating JLO from Dallas, Texas


Grew up in the 80’s listening and this was my first time to see her. This “event” could not even be titled a concert. It was a rambling of I don’t know what and some theatrical religious scene was the longest she spoke or sang. She did seconds from songs that were hard to even recognize. All this after showing up 2 hours late and having the audacity to open with 2 songs never heard of. It was hot and she then kept telling the audience she didn’t like having to repeat herself and that she was in a bad mood starting the show. We literally watched people leaving the entire time and we left before it was over along with the majority. Madonna is a legend from long ago and has lost her path from there. Very disappointing.

1.0 star rating Annie from Houston, Texas


Whew - pretty bad…First, the venue was hot, turn the A/C on. Secondly the bass was crazy LOUD. Sat in 426 area. When they cut out the bass it was ok, but you could hardly hear anything but BASS… thumping …thumping …thumping.. Also, she started at 10:15

1.0 star rating Muffin 1957 from Houston, Texas


The sound was totally off, it was impossible to enjoy the music. Do not waste your money!

1.0 star rating Disappointed from Tampa, Florida


No AC in building and she is 2 hours late! Set list is not on par and she was full of herself!

1.0 star rating Adriana Kano from Miami, Florida


She started 2 hours late. She has unhappy, kept complaining about the fans, the aircon, how much she has worked for this tour. That she deserved respect. She lip sang most of the songs. She said she was the Queen ! She was so rude! The bass was so overpowering, it made me dizzy. You could not hear her. She did not dance, she was kind of marking the steps. Very heavy energy. BAAAADDD. MADONNA STOP PERFORMING!! SPARE US PLEASE!

1.0 star rating Boston fan from Miami, Florida


I was a lifelong Madonna fan, I couldn’t be more excited to go her concert and be transported back to my young years, the 80s. The concert was terrible, I left after a bizarre dance that was choreographed with crosses and men with masks. As a catholic I found it extremely disturbing , offensive and disrespectful.

1.0 star rating AJ James from Austin, Texas


Please be aware that this concert is miserably hot, and I thought there was an air conditioner problem. Found out by police and other staff that Madonna requested Air conditioner be turned off. When we arrived at 8:30 PM, there was a DJ playing music for about one hour. And then we sat there until 10:30 PM with no air conditioner and large lights beaming in our hours. This was craziness and I can’t believe I paid $500 to be tortured. If you are going Monday night, please be aware that the air conditioner will not be turned on.

1.0 star rating Mandy from Austin, Texas


Shame on me for not reading the countless bad reviews (actual warnings) before shelling out $475 for 2 seats in the nose-bleeds. Shame on the Moody Center in Austin, Texas for allowing ”PriMa donna” to shut off the A/C for any reason! And all of the rest of the shame goes straight to PriMa donna, herself, for the extremely loud, deafening, bone-shaking, reverberating NOISE that assaulted our ears and for the mindless babbling that ensued. She complained that she heard Austin loved music but hadn’t ever invited her to perform there before — maybe this is why. She was unprofessional in just about every way possible — almost 2 hours late (even on a Sunday night), foul language, substandard sound and performance quality (more talking/complaining/blaming than actually performing her “greatest hits” as promised), and complete disregard and disrespect for the thousands of fans who she falsely advertised to. As many others have expressed, I, too, want my money back! Sadly, I’ll never get my time back.

1.0 star rating Lori from Austin, Texas


Ok, here goes... terrible DJ playing the same song FOR TWO HOURS. She finally started two hours late and didn't even sing (lipped synched) her full songs, just little pieces of her hits. She played most of new stuff but that's not what i wanted to see or hear. She's my age 65 so I can understand why she doesn't dance as much, but I would have like it if she just sat in a chair and sang her biggest hits with dancers all around. That would have been much better then the performance art boring show I saw. I kept waiting for it to get better but NOPE! No one even cared when it ended, no encore needed or wanted. What a complete disappointment!

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