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5.0 star rating Tommy from dundas Ontario


he could sing the phonebook and it would be great. voice , personality meant for a great evening. so, so, down to earth. I have seen him before but I can say this was the best.

5.0 star rating Brook Surber from Sacramento, California


Incredible concert! The man knows how to put on a show!

5.0 star rating Michelle from Phoenix, Arizona


I was mesmerized by the show. Amazing. I wasn't loving my seats but I didn't care. I have wanted to see JT since I was young. (I am now 50)- I sure hope I get a chance to see him again. His voice sounds exactly the same as when he recorded many of the songs. It was so worth the money and the very late work night. So much fun!

5.0 star rating JDD from Meredith, Colorado


While entry into the Fidders Green Amphitheater left something to be desired (confusing parking, hundreds of people stranded in a block-long line to pick up "will call" tickets), the performance was stunning and beautiful. JT's voice was a bit rocky at first but smoothed out as he warmed up. The background video stream was like nothing I'd ever seen -- photos of JT and band members as children and in their youth, among other things (dogs, weightlifters) -- beautiful, entertaining and often amusing. JT's incredibly versatile and talented band made everything worthwhile, even the four-hour drive to attend. The almost-full moon rising over the show added the magical glow emanating from the packed house. Almost everyone was on their feet singing and smiling by the end. Well worth the price of admission -- which was a bit steep. I splurged for good seats up front. I'd seen JT a number of times over the years and was disappointed not to see Bonnie, but it all turned out well.

5.0 star rating TJ from Greenville SC


Old JTs voice is still as great as ever! Remember he’s 70 years old now so don’t wait to see this class act. Absolutely wonderful evening! Incredibly he and his All Star Band played for over 2hrs. Worth every penny!

5.0 star rating D from Charlotte, North Carolina



5.0 star rating Lester from Orlando, Florida


About 25 years ago my wife and I took our young children to a James Taylor concert in Virginia. This week my daughter who is now 29 surprised me with tickets to the concert in Orlando. His performance was outstanding! His voice is as smooth as ever and he played many of his hits with strong backup from his talented band. The venue allowed for very good acoustics and the seats were great. I would recommend attending this performance if you are a JT fan.

5.0 star rating Bob from Boston, Massachusetts


We had an incredible evening!! The event staff were barely noticeable but ready and willing to help when needed. An earlier review criticized the sound. Its an out door venue so get over it. JT did a great job!!!

5.0 star rating M. Harden from Detroit, Michigan


Just an amazing performance! His songs, his voice, his charisma--all made for a perfect performance. The musicians were all fantastic as were his fiddler (!) and accompanying vocalists. A very talented group of performers. Also must comment on the visuals that were part of his show--certainly added another dimension to the performance. Thanks for a wonderful evening!!

5.0 star rating BR from Houston, Texas


Great concert with Jackson Browne. Very gracious performance by JT and the band was top notch (Larry, Lou, Andrea, Walter, Michael, Jimmy) true professionals. Arnold, Andrea, Kate and Henry really brought down the house with the background and foreground singing. Kim joined for the encore. A real family treat. Great songs old and new. James as always constant and humble. Cool Set, loved the tree.

5.0 star rating Patty from Tampa, Florida


Went last night Jackson Bown was great brought back a lot of memories. James Taylor was still good as ever. The floor seats were great except the person on front of us must of thought you should not talk or say anything like if you was at an orchestra.. Wrong you are at a concert with two of the greats from the 70's and 80's. You get excited to see artist you grew up listening to. So too bad miss blondie in the red dress and black boots. You couldn't ruin our evening.

5.0 star rating Waller Tabb from Lakeland, Florida


If you are familiar with James Taylor or Jackson Browne consider going! This Veteran’s Day event in Tampa moved both my wife and I with the beautiful staging and the great performances of their old and new material. The band, the supporting vocals, made for a wonderful evening to listen and sing.

5.0 star rating Wanda & Lloyd from Phenix from Greensboro, North Carolina


2 old pros rocking soft & hard for over 3 hours. Great entertainment experience for old & young. Thanks to our kids for a great Christmas present!!

5.0 star rating Rose from Greensboro, North Carolina


Awesome performances by James Taylor & Jackson Browne. Everything from stage sets, backup music & vocals, just everyone’s talent was spectacular. Simply adored the last song… just James Taylor & his son ❤️

5.0 star rating Jan Pappaa from Ottawa, Ontario


How sweet it was-James Taylor’s voice takes me to my happy place. He puts on an outstanding show right down to his commentary and humour. His voice is as amazing as ever and his band epic. It is a once in a lifetime experience you want everyday.

5.0 star rating Barbara from Montreal, Quebec


James Taylor, his voice is as good as ever, so charismatic and he has killer musicians. Top notch. Such a Latin flair and at times super jazzy, in the best way. The violinist added great texture. Shower the People was a love in, phones alight flickering and swaying in the darkness. The stage backdrop and lighting were so beautiful throughout the night. It’s evident he has lived a life and came across with humility, reminiscent at times of the wonderful Leonard Cohen. If you have the opportunity to see him, do. You will be glad you did.

5.0 star rating Debra from Lucan Ontario


It didn’t matter that we were in the nose bleed seats once the music happened we enjoyed the most talented musicians I’ve seen in a long time. Both bands were over the top, sound, lighting and energy. They worked together to produce a flawless show. Thanks James and Jackson ! We were able park have the best meal and walk over to the show. What a great night.

5.0 star rating Jackie from London, Ontario


I attended this concert finally! after a couple of postponements due to COVID. Totally worth the wait! Sitting in section 311 we were happy to have the big screens and centre projections for close-ups…..but great overall view of the stage and venue. Appreciated the excellent mix of hits and new material from both Jackson & James and both back-up bands were top notch. Vocals in the generous encores produced the goose-bumps!! Hope to be able to see Bonnie Raitt soon as well. Pre-show dinner at The Squire Pub & Grill was good and efficient and right next to Budweiser Gardens. Overnight at the Doubletree by Hilton……within walking distance of the venue and very clean room and easy check-in and out. Just double check what the parking procedure is when you book, if there is no room in their parking garage. Also GPS didn’t pick up the construction next to the hotel. Required a little bit of a detour….lot of one-way streets downtown!

5.0 star rating Don from Toronto, Ontario


A fantastic concert. JT was engaging, his voice was as great as ever and the band was incredible. Jackson Browne torn the place down with his stuff! What an amazing night of music.

5.0 star rating Barb from Toronto, Ontario


All of us at Scotiabank Arena had a big love fest with James Taylor last night! He played some old - yay!! - and new - beautiful! And visually stunning images too!! Loved him in the 70’s!! Love him still! Great musicians and vocalists with him!! Amazing night!! Thanks for the memories, James!!

5.0 star rating Maureen Botrie from Toronto, Ontario


This was a fantastic surprise! I went to see Jackson Browne ( fabulous) but James Taylor’s set was extraordinary. The lights behind and in the stage created such a beautiful, peaceful ambiance. The sound quality both performers was crystal clear. The musicians and vocalists with Browne and Taylor were first rate. The combination of Jackson Browne and James Taylor was a match made in heaven. Each are a peaceful, mellow, thoughtful, talented musician. One of the best concerts I’ve seen.

5.0 star rating Amado Chavez from Toronto, Ontario


Got my early Father's Day gift from my 2 daughters , who, much like me , grew up listening to James Taylor. Tears of joy throughout the evening. A most amazing evening... Thank you, James!

5.0 star rating Dan O from Calgary, Alberta


What a treat! Both bands were outstanding with plenty of familiar tunes. A great way to welcome live music back into our lives.

5.0 star rating Gill Homan from Vancouver, British Columbia


What a fabulous concert on a cold rainy night …… warmth radiated from the stage and the beautiful set added to the feeling that you weren’t in a great big impersonal theatre but on the porch!! Great musicians enjoying performing …. A special night

5.0 star rating Janet Zarowny from Vancouver, British Columbia


An amazing concert! A great selections of song by both James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Their voices have held up well through the years. I loved the lighting for James Taylor. Our seats weren’t the best but the quality of the concert definitely made up! I’d happily see James Taylor again should he return!

5.0 star rating Sheri Whitley from Charlotte, North Carolina


Fantastic show! The music, the sets, interesting lights and videos. Love love the tree!! The MUSIC … he’s still got it. Despite issues with sound in the very beginning where the mixing had the instruments louder than his voice. But it was resolved quickly. Steamroller brought down the house!! Awesome encores, the last was “close your eyes” with his son and only acoustic guitars. Unbelievably beautiful. I’m so glad we could introduce our sons in their twenties to JTs musical gifts and that of all the seasoned musicians on stage. See you next time you are on Charlotte James Taylor.

5.0 star rating Sue H from Raleigh, North Carolina


The overall performance was beyond compare! Loved everything about it. He’s so down to earth and easy to relate to. The highlights were Steamroller, Carolina, and the final encore: a beautiful duet with his 21 year old son, who sings background in the show. The accompanying musicians are top notch esp the sax player. The only negative: I waited 50 years for this and paid for a second row seat, only to have a woman in the front row dance and wave her arms, completely obstructing my view! Nobody said a word. Fans, please be considerate! People don’t go to these events to see you! Baby James was awesome, even though he was out of sight.

5.0 star rating Meg Barr from Denver, Colorado


Wonderful show. Incredible showman and amazing band. Didn't even notice the rain! Such a treat.

5.0 star rating MLevine from Albuquerque, New Mexico


Excellent and flawless show!

5.0 star rating Len Myrick from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Have seen JT as least 10 times over last 45 years. He never disappoints ! Besides having a great voice, his interaction with the audience is spot on. My wife and myself always walk away feeling good after a James Taylor concert and this was no exception !!

5.0 star rating Michael from Sedona, Arizona


A great show that went beyond the music. JT told great stories about life and history while his son brought the show into today. A wonderful voice and a great duet with his son during the 3rd encore.

5.0 star rating Steven from Riverside, California


I grew up an old school, rhythm and blues, Motown music guy. I never would have thought of seeing Mr. Taylor perform, however, my wife saw tickets available for his show, bought them, and then insisted that we go. The show turned out to be FANTASTIC! He had masterful acoustic guitar skills, a very warm and engaging stage presence, a top notch, stellar band, and a catalog of songs that each told a unique story about the experience of living life on a daily basis. I arrived at the show, not knowing much about James Taylor's music, and left feeling that I've unfortunately missed out on a musical treasure for many years. If I ever have a chance to see him again, I will NOT miss out!

5.0 star rating Carolyn Boehler from Las Vegas, Nevada


To say I'm a fan of James Taylor is an understatement. This is about the 30th time seeing ( a fact) him and he still took me back to each decade and made tear up at certain songs. Back up singers Arnold,Katie and his son Henry were outstanding. I was sad not to hear " Shower the people" ( always look forward to Arnold's solo and " Millworker"but hey I understand he has so many great songs he can't do them all. My favorites last night were Shed a little light"and Close your eyes with his son Henry. They sounded BEAUTIFUL together.I saw him when he was here last time at Ceasers and thought his voice was better last night. I adore this very talented man! Thanks for the great night James and Company!

5.0 star rating Kathy Brown from Boston, Massachusetts


Heavenly... absolutely beautiful...

5.0 star rating Susan Fichner from Cincinnati, Ohio


I have see James Taylor in concert more than two dozen times in the last 55 years and every time is the BEST! Saw him last evening with a packed crowd at Riverbend in Cincinnati where the temperature was 90 degrees with equal humidity. It was HOT! That did not stop the over-the-hill, James Taylor lovin' audience from leaping to their feet and applauding James and his All-star band with sincere appreciation for a lifetime of incredible music. What struck me most (we had pretty up close seats & the monitors were great) was the look on JT's face. You could almost read his mind. He appeared to be so darn grateful (maybe even a little surprised) at the the size of the crowd standing up and loving on him with their cheers. He encored with two songs and the first just said it ALL. The world is a crazy, mess-up place right now but he and his band had everyone on their feet singing "Shed a little Light". It could not have been a better choice for a Cincinnati crowd – a crowd from a place where life is just about as NORMAL as you can get. The camera panned a crowd of hard-working, fun-loving, 50-75 year old normal folks that were REALLY happy to be singing along with a song of hope. His son Henry Taylor is now one of his singers and he saved the last song for a duo with him. Again, you could almost read his mind. After a long, amazing career as an entertainer, I get to tour with my son and end each concert singing a duet with him. It doesn't get any better than this! I don't know how much longer this 75 year old music hero can keep this up-- I mean he used to do gymnastics on the stage during Steam Roller and he barely hopped last evening – but I bet he continues as long as he can because he makes it NOT look like work. How Sweet IT IS!! Thank you JT. You are one-of-a-kind.

5.0 star rating D.W.Burrell from Frankfort .KY


Of all the concerts attended in my 66 years , BY FAR , this was one of the very best . I lost track , were there 3 or were there 4 encores . THANK YOU MISTER JAMES TAYLOR !!!

5.0 star rating Linda Chiappone from Cincinnati, Ohio


His Cincinnati concert was my fourth, the second at an outdoor venue. The weather was unmercifully hot and humid, even by my Charleston SC standards, but nothing could put a damper on an outstanding evening with James Taylor. Our seats were great especially considering we got them only after the original concert had been rescheduled. The visual effects added another dimension to the show. This song list was more varied than the previous concerts but it just helped me appreciate what a range this man has. Plus it really showcased his very talented All Star Band. James Taylor somehow manages to continue to perform in front of huge crowds yet make me feel like we're all just there for a few stories and some great music.

5.0 star rating D. Sousa from Boston, Massachusetts


We came from NC to Boston in part to see JT. He and his band (including his wife and son) were engaging, magical, humorous with his commentary in between songs, and ALL music was simply fabulous. Truly! At his ascending age, his stage presence and voice are both captivating - as they always have been. He actually seems to be happier now as a performer than in his younger years. He meandered through classic masterpieces and added a few songs that we had never heard before (one about his childhood pig/pet, Mona, and one about the Red Sox). The crowd was just enthralled, on their feet singing, clapping and adoring. He did 5 encore numbers (in 3 encores), concluding with an emotion-evoking duet with his son. This concert was worth EVERY penny, and we left just humming along, his music forever a part of us. Thank you JT!

5.0 star rating from New York, New York


He is amazing!

5.0 star rating Jeannie L. from Wall Township,, New Jersey


JT at the Arts Center was my first concert. I was 16 years old and it was a magical summer night. Here I am 50 years later at the same venue, listening to James again. Equally as mesmerizing. He’s funny, he knows what his fans love to hear, and he truly enjoys what he does. No one can match that beautiful voice. Great night.

3.0 star rating Mike from Kitsap, Washington


I attended the JT Concert last night with my wife and several other couples. While pretty much everyone was disappointed that Bonnie Raitt was not going to perform, we looked forward to a good concert. We've seen JT perform in the Key Arena in the past and enjoyed the venue and sound was great. For last night’s concert I have to say that the sound was subpar. Concert goer’s major experience is the sound! It’s the predominate factor in a performance. We were reasonably close to stage left, so the sound was not reverberating but direct. We experienced the backup vocals overpowering JT. The kick drum was so overly emphasized that the bass line was completely lost. This is very disappointing, as the cost to attend has increased beyond a reasonable amount, and the concert goers are entitled to excellent sound at those prices. There is no excuse for that element of the concert missing the mark. JT was his typical self, engaging with the Seattle crowd, and gave his usual great performance. The JT All-star Band was also great. Even with Bonnie Raitt not appearing, I WOULD have rated the concert higher, if the sound would have been up to the professional level for a concert of this magnitude.

3.0 star rating Jo Anderson from Colorado


I was off to the left of the stage and the sound was muffled at best. No one around me could hear what he said most of the time nor could we see the images played only on the center screen. Definitely not Red Rocks.

3.0 star rating Benjamin DoGood from Detroit, Michigan


Waited for a long time to see this concert, both James Taylor and Jackson Browne decided to sing new stuff and not much of the standards for which they are known. Very disappointed as I bought to hear the old stuff not new songs that were Woke.

3.0 star rating David Greif from Albuquerque, New Mexico


The best Concert I ever saw was September 22, 1987 at my college campus in Oswego New York. The Show had an intimate feel. It felt like you were having a unique experience sitting around the campfire while amazing musical craftsmen construct a unique, moment in musical history for you. The artist was James Taylor. He had about five other musicians with him who are also very talented. It was live music. No amazing set design. The focus was on the music. Even the T-shirts were cool. They listed the names of the entire band alphabetically. Taylor starts with a T. Amazing. The concert I saw in Rio Rancho was a good show. The musicians around James Taylor were just as talented if not more so. The set design was beautiful and suited his music well. Although not as crisp as 35 years ago, who is?, James Taylor’s voice is still distinctive and melodic . The show however was predictable and felt canned. Even the introduction to the songs seemed canned. The encore seemed canned. I was disappointed not because the quality wasn’t good. Quite the opposite, the quality in all aspects was polished and professional. It just didn’t possess that spontaneity of why I go to see live music. If I wanted the duplicatable performance I would play a recording. With the level of talent on that stage, I believe they could’ve jumbled the sequence and thrown in different songs from his albums while still covering the hits. After all, it’s JT. He’s been making music for over 50 years. He’s a legend and he surrounds himself with talented profession musicians. I once saw Elvis Costello in concert. He had a huge wheel on the stage like you find on wheel of Fortune. All of his hits were written on the wheel. He would spin it And that would be the song he played. It was spontaneous. It was fun. It was live music. It was a unique moment.

2.0 star rating Mark H from Vancouver, British Columbia


Quite disappointing Jackson Browne does 40 min set, poor sound poor lighting, tiny screens. James Taylor has huge backup band and singers we don’t find out who there are till the end of the set. Lighting was confusing, very spotty and distracting, too much chat, not enough music. Quite banal and not entertaining.

2.0 star rating J Jones from Columbia, SC


Saw James Taylor last night in Columbia, SC. I must say that Columbia was a lot nicer to James than James was to Columbia. I know that he knows (and everyone else on the stage knows) WE PAID GOOD MONEY TO HEAR HIS OLD HITS!!! MOST OF WHAT HE PLAYED LEFT ONE DEPRESSED- definitely not what we need nowadays. If you"re thinking of attending a JT concert, you better check out the song list first unless you don't really want to hear: shower the people, handyman, fire and rain, etc, etc

1.0 star rating Jules Brody from Yarmouth, MN


He didn’t sing any hits, and I went on the 4th of July. He even said at the beginning he would be singing new songs ! I love his music and hadn’t heard one of them. I stayed for pretty much the whole time. I wanted a fun, upbeat concert as a bday present and this was incredibly disappointing. I took off 2 days from work to come see it. Nothing against tanglewood, the grounds are beautiful.


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