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Guns N' Roses Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 29



5.0 star rating Justin Quis Quis from Leucadia, California


Drove up from San Diego and it was flipping awesome! So impressed that Axl can still hit the notes. "The Seeker" was a pleasant surprise .."...Until the day I die"... Would love to go to the show tomorrow in San Diego as well. Hopefully they hit the studio after the tour so I can have another excuse to see them! All hail G and F'ing R!!!

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


OmG !! ..I"ve seen the boys in between a handful or two times since the 80's .. and ALWAYS a crap shoot. Like a box of chocolates, Never Know What Your Going To Get. BUT Tonight @ The Staples Center in L.A. Near Flawless.. AXL even smiling through Much of the freaking wild and fun show. Highlights= Seeing a Video days before tributing Malcolm Young. Lowlights = NOT paying tribute to Malcolm Young at All during THIS show. WTF? Anyway .. AXL .. WOW!? high energy and Voice Killer.. SLASH ... RIpping. DUFF.. Looking Crazy ? lol Awesome Awesome Show !!!!

5.0 star rating Maddog from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


All I can say is thank you.... fantastic show!!! 3 plus hours of pure rock!!! So glad G&R put their differences aside, came together and put on one hell of a show. To all the people out there, if you have the means i highly recommend going to this show.... Just do it... Again, thank you to G&R!!!

5.0 star rating Janet Bolan from New Albany, IN


Loved every minute of it, and especially how they added to Chinese Democracy songs to make them even better. Wish they would have brought Dizzy, Frank and Melissa out of the shadows of the back of the stage so we could have seen them more clearly. Axl's voice was as great as ever, and Slash, Duff and Richard continued to rock us with their amazing talents. Never quit smiling the whole evening.

5.0 star rating Corey from Kingston Ontario


Sick concert music was perfect studio quality by slash of course and everone. No break can't wait til the next one. Can't say enough how good it was

5.0 star rating Dan from Detroit, Michigan


Axl broyght it when needed, slash destroyed it, duff n frank kept the rythym ... getting old sucks but if Guns N Roses is reading this you guys sound 20 years younger than what you are...i grew up idilozing slash duff n Axl.. great show !

5.0 star rating Scott Mairs from Oakland, Maine


A five star review seems so cliche that I tried thinking of reasons to bring it down to four stars. Guess what? I couldn't think of any! Some gripe that Axl can't hit his banshee like screams like the old days. My answer? The guy is 55 years old!! Many of his peers are unable to sing ANYTHING like they could in their youthful prime years. Axl still brings it, though, and sang for the maority of the band's three + hour show. Slash brought a prescense that only he can deliver. Duff, brings the punk rock feel that somehow finalizes the GN'R sound. His excellent cover of the MISFITS tune "Attitude" was a true highlight for me. Holdovers from the "lost years" are drummer Frank Ferrer and guitaristRichard Fortus. I have been critical of the Chinese Democracy record, but Slash & Duff bring new life to those songs, especially "Madagascar". GN'R is now sober, and even though Izzy & Steven Adler aren't back, I forgot to miss them. An incredible show from a band that isn't done yet!!!

5.0 star rating Nina G. from New York, New York


G and R put on an amazing show! They played straight for just over 3 hours. If this is how they are in their 50’s, I really wish I saw them a few decades ago. The performance tonight was tight and they never slowed down. Rose is ever such a talent. The young rebel is still visible in his eyes and voice. He takes over the stage even when walking offstage. He can’t help but be charasmatic. Slash is also a powerhouse who owns the stage. He looks the same as he did in his younger days, except not the skinny frame of his wild days. He looks healthy, yea! This is the 3rd time I saw him play. Always sublime in his musicianship. One odd flaw could be found with the focus of the camera for the overhead videos. Maybe someone had a foot fetish because they kept spotlighting the performer’s feet. Duff was walking on the upper platform while playing and all they showed were his sneakers. They showed Axl tapping his feet so often that I could count the stitches on his boots.

5.0 star rating Rose from Charlotte, North Carolina


Never know what you'll get with a Guns n Roses Concert. But their past is wiped clean after last night's performance, and it was a performance, great performance. The sound mix was off, AXL was drowned out at times by the band, once fixed (albeit late in the performance), things got even better. Started on time, just kept going with a great Set List, didn't miss a moment to be with the audience. Graphics and pyrotechnics were sensational, highlighting the songs. Of course, Paradise City blew me away. September Rain too, and AXL sat down to the piano and accompanied the song. There really was one great moment after another. If you get the opportunity, see these guys. They are the Guns n Roses we loved doing it better with a bit of age behind them. Slash is just so accomplished, the best guitar rocker ever. AXL has a bit of tuning before he reaches his 70's voice, but he is still good, really good. And AXL is smiling and engaging the audience.

5.0 star rating Michael from Jacksonville, Florida


I’ve seen them in 92 in Munich Germany for the Use your Illusion tour. They sound so much better now. What a show! If you get a chance go see them !!!

5.0 star rating Amanda Y from Los Angeles, California


They played for three hours. They sang all the hits and then some. They all looked and sounded amazing. Incase you were wondering…they still got it! THANK YOU GNR for this concert I will remember this night forever. Axl looked happy he just put out great vibes and it paid off because they killed it the entire night. No concert will ever top this one in my book. I have been to many concerts and this was hands down the absolute best concert of my life!!!! Only negative is that they sold out of the Los Angeles t shirt with the phantom face and being my daughter’s first concert we stood in the line wiling to spend the money but they had sold out. The stadium was really clean and all the staff were super polite and parking was plentiful. All in all was a great experience from parking and beyond. So now whenever someone asks my daughter the “what was your first concert” question, Guns N Roses is her answer-and theres no better answer in my book.

5.0 star rating Mom&Son from Tucson go to GNR on a school night from Phoenix, Arizona


The show was amazing! I can't imagine how good these guys were in their prime because this was fantastic. Over 3 hours of high energy music and the visual show was equally entertaining. Loved it! Slash is better than most guitarists I have ever seen play and AR was great. My favorite was November Rain when AR played on a baby grand piano, belting out one of my favorite tunes of the early 90s and Slash rocking it on the guitar. Fantastic show. Would see it again if I could!

5.0 star rating Lee M from Chicago, Illinois


Saw them in 1992 in NY. 30 years later and they’re still kicking ass! The energy, the music, the vibe, it was all amazing. So grateful I got to see them.

5.0 star rating Jimmy Furr from Baltimore, Maryland


They still sound awesome. My best band ever. Axel still the best front man and by far Slash is still the best on guitar. This was my son's 1st concert and loved it.. Thanks for a great concert.

5.0 star rating Bad Apples from Baltimore, Maryland


Incredible!!! What a great show last night. I first saw them open for Aerosmith at Merriweather Post in 1988, didn't even know who there were. They blew everybody away then and did the same last night. Axl sounded great, Slash was - well it's Slash - phenomenal. They were so tight a really looked like they were have a good time/ 3hours 25 minutes of amazing music!

5.0 star rating Helen and Rob Schneider from Raleigh, North Carolina


My husband and I got pit tickets for the Raleigh , NC show on 9/29/21. We have been fans since the early days and have seen GNR multiple times before. Man, this was just the best time ever! Axl looked and sounded amazing … very high energy and smiling a lot during the show which was great to see! Slash was ripping it as usual. Duff looked as HOT as ever (and sounded great too). Richard was amazing and really shredded it! The crowd was fun. GNR started on time (much appreciated) and played for well over 3 hours and just gave a really excellent show. PNC arena was a great venue, well run show. PLEASE COME BACK TO NC WHEN YOU TOUR AGAIN GNR! So happy to have had another chance to enjoy your talent -thanks for the great show!

4.0 star rating Eric from Milwaukee, WI


Had great seats (6th row center) so to see Axl and Slash so close up was a great experience! The sound guy was weak--the last minute of November Rain saw Slash's guitar totally overwhelmed by the cacophony of other sounds. Axl was darn good but not like the old days. He bit off the end of Don't Cry instead of lingering. He looks good--def lost some weight since the beginning of the tour. Slash was his monster self--theme to godfather was ridiculously good. Duff was perhaps the most involved with the audience and seemed genuinely glad to be there. He did a punk song that was cool--brought to mind Dee Dee Ramone early days. Drummer was weak. I'm no expert but even I could tell he screwed up on at least 2 occasions including the beginning of the end of N. Rain--only what some call the greatest 2 mins in rock. Crowd was weak. Between songs it was quiet except for me screaming "Axl" as loud as I could. Some couldn't be bothered to respond during Heavens Door. Night Train was crescendo.

4.0 star rating Catcher from Cleveland, Ohio


Awesome show axles voice not that great but he put his all into whole show slash is just.a bad.ass 3hr show wow!!

4.0 star rating Harry from Boston, Massachusetts


Band was awesome..slash and duff came to play..I even think axle was good..he is 30 years past his prime..and he brought what he had..defiantly not dissapointed

4.0 star rating David Thies from Jacksonville, Florida


The band played extremely well..Slash was phenomenal on guitar. Axl had lots of energy and is a great fit for the band but, his weaker voice was often drownded out by the guitar playing. The keyboards were a nice addition but their sound was mostly covered up by the rest of the band

4.0 star rating from Indianapolis, Indiana


Great show!! Axl’s voice caused a few songs to be almost unrecognizable. His lyrics were drowned out by the reverb! SLASH… AWESOME!!! I’ve always respected him as one of the best… he absolutely has not lost a beat. His fingered were nimble, and he quickly became the STAR OF THE SHOW HERE IN Indianapolis! DUFF and R. Flora were on point!!! Great show! The songs were great, just wish we coulda understood Axl a little better!!!

3.0 star rating Jon Hoover from West Bend, WI


Just a quick review on the Guns N Roses concert last night in Chicago. The band actually started almost on time. They played very well and I was very impressed with Duff on the bass. I didn't know he was that good. The lighting and video were awesome. Top notch. The sound on the other hand was quite bad. All we heard most of the night was Slash's guitar. The drums completely disappeared on multiple songs. The vocals were more or less gone until the last 4 or 5 songs. The guitar tone sounded very boxey until the last few songs when the sound guy finally pulled the low mids out. The vocals, when you could hear them, were also very boxey. There was no clarity at all to Axel's voice. Considering that Clair Global provided audio production for the tour and it's the highest grossing Live Nation tour for the last 2 years, you would think that the sound would be in the pocket, dead nuts from the first song on. No so last night. Guns N Roses needs to rethink their choice of sound guys.

3.0 star rating Denise from New Jersey


Axl frankly sucked. His voice was terrible and he had absolutely no chemistry with anyone else in the band. The rest of the band was pretty good with Slash being great It should just have been called The Slash Show since he was the only one worth being there for.

3.0 star rating Linda from Las Vegas, Nevada


They were great, but this was a rock concert and security wanted you to stay in your seat. They made the experience terrible. Ruined my special moment.

3.0 star rating Thwipp89 from Chicago, Illinois


been to over 500 concerts but this was the first time seeing GnR. with no adler or izzy, i was a little tentative going in- i saw a live GnR show on tv about 10 yrs ago and axl was god awful. having wolf van halen as opener (i'm a HUGE VH fan) tilted my decision to go. and i love wrigley but this was just my 2nd concert there (fall out boy was the other. wish i had seen the police there but tix were too expensive for me at the time). it was the perfect night- weather couldn't have been better. thing is, i spent $150 for a seat (section 228, as i recall) and it's so far away, you end up watching the video monitors all night, so you feel a little detached from the show on the stage. axl was mostly...alright/passable. some he struggled with, some were decent. i didn't have a high bar for him going in. i was expecting worse. duff sang along with axl a lot more than i expected, which maybe helped the cause. duff's in fantastic shape, btw. i think the lack of addler's raw drumming hurts. and izzy was their best song writer. puts a bad taste in my mouth that there are just 3/5 original members. i looked at recent shows before this and they play the EXACT same setlist. feels lazy and like a cash grab, tho the guys looked to be having a good time, for the most part. axl wasn't a diva or anything and they went on on time at 730pm. setlist could use work, imo. they have 3 'chinese democracy' songs on the setlist, where one would be enough. i like the song, "better", but axl struggled with that one a lot. "rocket queen" is my fave GnR song and they kind of ruined it with 2 way overdone wanky guitar solos by each guitarist. slash wanked a lot during the night. imo, he's kind of over-rated/generic. they played "slither" from velvet revolver, which actually was a pleasant surprise and axl sang it well. i wanted to hear my michelle, out ta get me, anything goes and pretty tied up, none of which were played. they played some weird cover no one knew or cared about and another cover by the who that could've been skipped. i also could've done without the nockin' on heaven's door or live and let die covers but i understand why they played those, at least. all in all, a mixed bag, like i said. i wouldn't go see them again. once was enough...unless they play a better/different setlist and axl's voice miraculously gets better. also, adler and izzy would make things right.

3.0 star rating LMF from Columbus, Ohio


Seen g n r in Cincinnati 6 years ago…..phenomenal….could honestly be the best concert I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a lot. Columbus Ohio September 23 2021 HUGE DiSAPPOINTMENT!!!! They could have done a killer 2 hour show with all the hits instead they decided to do a 3 hour quite boring show…..lot of unknown songs and lots breaks where axl wasn’t even on stage. Crowd was awful….they might as well have all been sitting there watching it on tv at home. would have been no different then being at the venue where they all sat down. The crowd had very little reaction! A concert I was looking very forward to was a complete disappointment and honestly a waste of money.

2.0 star rating Hank Horodyskyj from Detroit, Michigan


Worked the concert. Might have been where I was standing but Rose was horrible. Slash can still play. Music-8 stars- singing 3

1.0 star rating Mr. Brownstone from Boston, Massachusetts


Went with a a friend of bill and sadly disappointed. Worse than they were in ‘88 with Aerosmith. Wish they sounded anything close to vinyl.

1.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


These guys are supposed to be professionals! They sounded like a bad teenage garage band. They should have called the Tour "Drug days revisited"


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