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Aladdin Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 46



5.0 star rating Jenn from Detroit, Michigan


Wow this show was incredible. It is by far the best show I have ever seen. It was funny and clever, the genie made the show he was fantastic. He was played by Ellis C Dawson III. The set the costumes were outstanding. I would say see this show if you can it will not disappoint.

5.0 star rating Norah from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Wonderful musical. All actors/actresses were outstanding especially "Genie" and "Aladdin!" Sets, costumes, choreography, singing, orchestra, special effects, flying carpets-all fantastic . The costumes and sets were simply amazing. It followed along pretty well with the animated movie. The singing was good. The Genie was superb. The sound was clear. Also our experience with parking arrangements and the smooth handling by the Staff was outstanding. Way to go Detroit.

5.0 star rating Anne from Columbus, Ohio


My husband bought me tickets to see Aladdin for my birthday and I’m so glad he did. The Genie was fabulous! Aladdin and his three sidekicks kept me laughing. I would highly recommend this to anyone! The whole show was well written, great costumes and set, and super dance numbers! Well done!!

5.0 star rating Judy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The best musical I've ever seen and I've seen a lot!! All actors/actresses were outstanding especially "Genie" and "Aladdin!" Sets, costumes, choreography, singing, orchestra, special effects, flying carpets-all fantastic. Would recommend to all ages. You'll be singing the songs for weeks after and will want to dig out your tapping shoes.

5.0 star rating Harry Croker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The touring show in Pittsburgh was simply amazing. The crowd was enchanted. This is what I would expect from a Disney production. The costumes and sets were simply amazing. My teenage granddaughter tells me it followed along pretty well with the animated movie. She loved it. The singing was good. The Genie was superb. The sound was crystal clear. I could hear every word. I can’t say that of several shows I’ve seen at the Benedum. My granddaughter and I agree this is one of the best shows we’ve seen in the past few seasons.

5.0 star rating Tonya Jones from Boston, Massachusetts


OMG! What a great show. The entire cast was awesome but the Genie was phenomenal! The props were the best. The magic carpet scenes were amazing!

5.0 star rating Ashley D from Boston, Massachusetts


One of the best Broadway style shows I've seen in a long time and just what going to the theater should be! Gorgeous sets and costumes! So much sparkle!!! The talent was amazing. Everyone had gorgeous singing voices and was great in their parts. This show was so fun and enjoyable! I think it even held the attention of the little kids around me as I heard very little noises from the kids. Enjoyable for the adults and kids. Highly recommended!!

5.0 star rating Krystle from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Genie was awesome! The whole musical/cast was great and amazing! its truly a must see and something you don't wanna miss! Once you see it; you'll see how is hard to write a review that will actually capture the essence of the production. The visual effects were breath taking in itself. I can go on and on but I'll run out of space ranting and raving about the spectacular show.

5.0 star rating Barbara from Cleveland, Ohio


Genie stole the show! The costumes, special effects and sets were all WORLD CLASS! We were a family ages 27-70 and we absolutely loved this production! Highly recommended 😍.

5.0 star rating Linda from Cleveland, Ohio


If you want a true escape from all the negativity in the world, go see Aladdin. From the amazing sets to the dazzling costumes to the amazing music you will be transported into a magical world. A world filled with laughter, beauty and music. Still can't figure out how they did the magic carpet, but that was all part of this delightful ,magical play. Highly recommended!!

5.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


Candy for the senses! Entertaining, beautiful set, scenery, lighting, costumes,and voices! The actors chosen to play all leads were perfect as was all the talent on stage! My daughter and I loved it! Would see it again and again!

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


This show was beyond amazing! My daughter could not stop raving about her favorite part, the whole show!!!

5.0 star rating Usha from San Leandro , California


Most enjoyable show! Amazing choreography, costumes, done GENIEously! The Orpheum is the place to go for a show and have a night out in SF.

5.0 star rating Janet Lawson from San Francisco, California


Spontaneously treated myself to a performance to get away from all the doom and gloom in the air. I cannot remember the last time i laughed so hard or, and I thank the performers and musicians for a wonderful evening. (And BTW, those folks can SAAANG!)

5.0 star rating Jeff Thompson from San Francisco, California


Aladdin was amazing!! So funny!! Such beautiful costumes and sets. Very very entertaining and great musical score. Adam Jacobs killed it!!!! Everyone else in the cast was incredible. The dancers were gorgeous and very athletic. The scenery is unbelievable and breathtaking. Such perfect color and lighting!! The orchestra was huge. Total 12 out of 10 stars.

5.0 star rating Jen from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Best I have ever seen.

5.0 star rating Jerry Gilden from Sedona, AZ


Funny and full of life. The costumes and sets where amazing as well as all the performances. Not a dull moment in the entired production. A must see magic carpet ride!

5.0 star rating Kenneth Hulse from Sacramento, California


I like some musicals and some are just ok. Aladdin is absolutely amazing. I saw it today and the singing, dancing , staging etc were just terrific

5.0 star rating Megan from Houston, Texas


This was one of the best productions I've seen at the Hobby Center. The previous reviewers who equate this show to high school caliber prove the point that you can't please everyone. There was an embarrassment of talent on the stage. The Genie captivated the audience from the start. The male ensemble of dancers was one of the tightest groups I've ever seen on Broadway or off. I highly recommend this performance. It illuminates the reason live theater is still such a transformative form of entertainment. It was, in a word, magical!

5.0 star rating Lauren Rapay from Charlotte, North Carolina


This show exceeded any and all expectations I had of the show!!! All cast members were SO in character!!! the Scenes and backdrops were AMAZING! We went Tuesday night and we were obsessed with the entire performance! The singing, the Genie, everyone was perfect!!! Can't say enough about this play. We were sitting 2nd row and saw the girl lose her wig in one of the performances, she went right off stage and came back out immediately and did not lose any part of her character. Hope that did not ruin her night because she was on point the entire time! 100% performance from everyone- we LOVED it!!!!! amazing job guys :) <3

5.0 star rating Steve Crook from Charlotte, North Carolina


We were at the show Thursday night row B and throughly enjoyed the show. Aladdin was amazing as well as the Genie and Jasmine. Everyone poured their hearts out and the dance numbers were stunning. The magic carpet was stupendous and the singing was on point. The entire audience gave a thunderous standing ovation!

5.0 star rating Ana from Chicago, Illinois


The show was spectacular, the sets and costumes were some of the best I have seen. Genie is hilarious. Loved the new original songs as well, and the choreo was great!! I would go again, really fun to see.

5.0 star rating Max nguyen from Chicago, Illinois


I came into this show with an open mind , however I was never a big fan of Aladdin growing up, Aladdin was preformed well however jasmine left a lot of things to desires, But the actor would played the Genie was Amazing, his energy was addictive from his dance moves to his singing, it made me stand up and cheer for him.

5.0 star rating from Edmonton, Alberta


Really enjoyed it. Everything was great. The acting , the decorations, the atmosphere. However, in Edmonton sound mixing was terrible. When actors were talking you could clearly hear them. But as soon as music kicked in it was almost impossible to understand anything they were singing because of loud music.

5.0 star rating Robin from San Francisco, California


Absolutely outstanding! One of the best musicals I've seen in a long time. Everything about this version of Aladdin is unbelievably fabulous. And sitting orchestra center near the front made it even more so. Attended a matinee, so lots of folks with their kids, many dressed as Jasmine and Aladdin.

5.0 star rating Jana C from San Francisco, California


I just returned from Broadway not even a month ago—- wasn’t expecting the caliber of singers on the cast, principals or not. jafar. Al, Babkak—- all BROADWAY quality singers… Choi as Iago wonderfully side-splitting, and Jazmin is def stronger with each performance, I’m sure. Thoroughly delighted in SF for matinee today, and was amazingly well-crafted and good casting for this company. Oba!!!!’ I would give that rating for that guy that falls out of his chair for this one, no hesitation. Thoroughly delightful! Mezzanine K was fine seats—- one child was irksome and Mom was too selfish to leave.

5.0 star rating Twins and mom from San Diego, California


The Cast ,Costumes,Dance,Music,Backgrounds, Spectacular !!! Fun, Loving, Just Completely Perfect! Loved every minute of it ❤️ Genie was Amazing!!! Aladdin voice made you melt, Jasmine sweet and beautiful all good for the Soul ..would see it again and telling everyone Go see this musical!!! Thank you Cast you've given My adult twin daughters and I , the mama a Happy memory to cherish forever 💖

4.0 star rating Liza from Boston, Massachusetts


The genie made the show, he was histerical. Overall the show was great. There were technical issues which resulted in a 45 minute intermission. This was a little much given we saw the 8pm show. As a result of these issues our showing did not feature the magic carpet, which was a disappointment

4.0 star rating MARIE from Burbank, California


I loved it, Aladdin and Genie were really awesome! Their voices were just amazing. I was just not so happy with the "A WHOLE NEW WORLD" part . I was waiting for that one and was kind of disappointed. Aladdin and Jasmin's voice does not blend well. But all in all it was a great show. I enjoyed it.

4.0 star rating Jo from San Jose, California


Overall I thought the show was good. My only complaint was the Genie's performance. The actor was very talented and had a powerful singing voice... until he started to become out of breath and never really recovered. He was so out of breath from the singing and dancing that he seemed to have a hard time getting his lines out. It was a huge distraction.

4.0 star rating B Jones from Edmonton, Alberta


Just attended the opening night of Aladdin in Edmonton on July 11 and the first half of the show was pretty spectacular. Although there were some sound issues at times, (unable to hear some vocals over the music) the cast really sung and danced their hearts out, especially the Genie, Marcus M. Martin, who hands down stole the show! The staging, costuming and choreography was top notch, especially in the show stopping number "Friend Like me". Unfortunately things started to slide downhill in the second half. It lacked energy and interest, and it certainly didn't help that there was a 5-10 min. "technical delay" between the first and second song. Although it wasn't announced, I'm pretty sure it was a malfunction in the "Magic Carpet" as there wasn't one! Aladdin and Jasmine just danced around the stage akwardly as they sang the signature song "A Whole New World", resulting in little magic and chemistry between them. Very unfortuate for the show!

4.0 star rating Craig Wilson from Los Angeles, California


Good show, wed .. nite, lower price than weekends. Worth seeing, the dancing, tap, excellence. Likeable .. characters,, genie, jasmine, all. Great voices, powerful, sets are excellent for a small stage. Flying carpet, great.

3.0 star rating Vanessa Niziol from Detroit, Michigan


I have seen Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, now Aladdin. I have to say this was the worst. Too many songs added to the show that almost put me to sleep and dragged on, props were not that great (looked like cheap magician props from a kids kit at one point). The only song I truly enjoyed was Friend Like Me, the genie was great. I gave it 3 stars instead of 1 or 2 just because the costumes were good, the dancing was great and the genie was good. The rest of it.... well lets just say I left during the last 10 minutes just to get out of there.

3.0 star rating Boston from Boston, Massachusetts


I think this show is an excellent high school show, but I will not consider it as a Broadway musical show. It did make me laugh, thanks there is still a professional character genie made this show alive. and I realized that also Jafar has a good voice, while Aladdin and Jasmine`s voice don`t match to each other. Besides, Jasmine left me an arrogant princess feeling, maybe her act is too exaggerated, and her voice is not gentle enough. Aladdin makes me feeling not the humble boy from Disney movie. But all in all, I still have to say the dances and the stage design are fantastic, so we still enjoy the musical show regardless of the singing.

3.0 star rating Jason Wright from Los Angeles, California


If you've ever seen the Alladin show at California adventure, it is so much better than this theatrical version. The first part, prior to intermission was enjoyable. As others have said , the genie wakes up the audience and does a great job. Friend Like Me, could have been done with a bit more pizzazz, but it did have me smiling. After the Intermission things take a turn for the worse. The Prince Ali song is ok, but no where near the production value you'd expect from a Broadway musical. You don't really see alot of the genie after the intermission, which is disappointing. Much of the comedy you had in the movie is lost. A whole new world scene was beautiful, but felt very cold. They at least could have made the carpet an actual character to add to the comedy. The final battle between Jafar and Alladin is really non existent. Jafar does 2 quick wardrobe changes, then it's over. No battle takes place, no climatic ending. Just over. Really??

3.0 star rating BB from Los Angeles, California


The bad: They tried so hard to fit so much stuff into such a small time frame. The whole cast was speaking abnormally fast for most of the show and even running out of breath. The fight choreography could have had more thought put into it. The Jasmine that was casted for the Los Angeles show seems to have gotten the part due to her looks rather than singing, it wasn't horrible obviously, but it wasn't lead worthy in my amateur opinion. All of her songs took me out of the would be magic of the show and all I could focus on was her nasal singing accompanied with the aggressive breaths that were taking before each line sung. The good: The adaptation was creative. All other cast members were wonderful. The sets ranged from decent to amazing. The costumes were spectacular. The humor was corny for the kids, but also equally witty for the mature crowd. Genie was amazing.

3.0 star rating Yana from Los Angeles, California


From the beginning (after Genie opening scene) until about the middle of 1st act it was just terrible. The fighting scenes were just. awful. Nowhere close to Broadway standard IMHO. The dialogues throughout the whole musical were rushed and simply plain. No magical moments, no feelings, no chemistry between Aladdin and Jasmine. Aladdin made an impression of a self centered Casanova, rather than the sweet humble boy we know from the cartoon. The settings, costumes and the carpet ride scene were breathtaking! (Although I did not enjoy the remake of the song, as again it was rushed, which gave a feeling the actors just wanted to get it over and done with, completely killing the vibe). Putting the acting and dialogues aside, the whole show is a true candy to the eye. Genie was incredible, great energy and charisma. He literally woke up the audience, when he finally showed up in the middle of Act i. Overall go if you are taking kids under 10. Otherwise save money for a better show

3.0 star rating Charles Neilsen from Angels Camp, California


The production of Aladin was amazing, the costumes and particularly the sets were just amazing. The only problem was not being able to hear the performers. The orchestra yes, the performers no. Perhaps I'll go home and listen to the movie with my eyes closed.

3.0 star rating RH from Charlotte, North Carolina


The Genie either makes this play or he doesn't. This Genie did not. He rushed through his lines, was often difficult to understand, and lacked comic timing. The actor playing Aladdin was very good. The ensemble also was good. Lot of good dancing and costumes. Jasmine was just okay. Her voice was fine, but she just misses something as an actor. If you've seen this play before with a really good Genie, you are going to be a bit disappointed.

3.0 star rating Betsy Cornelius from Charlotte, North Carolina


In one if the beginning scenes you could see shadows of either stage hand shadows or actors moving to place behind the set. Gave off a high school production feel. The dancing was mediocre in skill level & not in sync especially the ladies in the market scenes. The fight scenes were silly, no effort to look somewhat real. Acting was pretty good (except fight scenes), flying carpet affect made the show. Costumes were also nice.

2.0 star rating John from Detroit, Michigan


Maybe it was an off night or maybe "Holiday Fatigue" had set in, either way, last night's performance was a big disappointment. As previous reviewers have commented, this production lacked "professionalism"; fight seems were silly, no "spark" between Aladdin and Jasmine, plenty of "throw away" laugh lines (did the Genie really have to pull out a Detroit Tiger's cap?). We were really excited for this production but it did not live up to Disney standards. The cast seemed to be mailing it in. Thankfully the Genie brought some much needed energy to the stale production.

2.0 star rating Reviewer from Denver, Colorado


It was OK... Ok, let's staart with the good: The Genie was TERRIFIC! HILARIOUS!! A very good choice to cast Scott as the Genie! He made some terrific jokes, had great wardrobe changes, and was just greak overall. The sets were also pretty incredible: Lots of changes, colors, sparkles! The dance moves were OK. They had some good ones, and then they had some bad ones. The bad: The fight scenes WERE HORRIBLE! SO fake and halfhearted. NO chemestry between Alladin and Jasmine, AT ALL! The singing was good, not great. Jasmine and Alladin's voice did NOT go together! Jasmine was not a good actress or singer, ahe must had been chosen for her looks. Overall, don't waste your money on this one. Go to Hamilton instead. Now, THAT is worth it!

2.0 star rating Gary Lucas from Syracuse, New York


I would not consider this "Disney's Aladdin" at all. When you leave some songs out that were in the movie, put extra songs in, change 90% of the lines, I'm not sure how you call it Disney. My kid (who was the genie in her school play and was excited to see the play) fell asleep. My wife also fell asleep. I saw many kids dozing off in the theatre, and I was bored during several parts. I don't see what the hype is about. Yes, the Genie was awesome! Music was well done and scenery was great! Magic carpet was spectacular! But, some of the acting was meh. If you just called it "Aladdin" then I'd give it 3 stars. But this is not Disney. I would get some tips from "Lion King" because they did Disney right. This play though, eh, pass. Won't see again and won't recommend if you are wanting Disney.

1.0 star rating from Buffalo, New York


It was like a high school musical , Aladdin, Genie,and Sultan were all understudies. How does 3 main performers go out in one night. Singing was off for Aladdin and Jasmine. Genie once he starting moving was out of breathe. Choreography was basic and off steps. Tap dancing was wonderful. Scenery and costumes were great. I’m sure the children liked it but it was not broadway caliber.

1.0 star rating IZiZ from Los Angeles, California


I was invited because a friend had extra tickets. After hearing all the hype, I decided to go. What a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, the actors did their job, and I could never do what they do. However, like most Disney stories, it was rife with cultural appropriation and it was extremely corny. But I guess that's what Disney is known for, and I should have just declined the tickets based on that fact alone. Most who enjoyed it must live with Disney colored glasses on.

1.0 star rating Lindsay Weishaar from Los Angeles, California


Maybe because we saw it on a Thursday night, but the actors were flat, the energy was lacking, the dancers were off! We were expecting a broadway show and ended up with a really good high school musical. The costumes and set design were worth the ticket price alone, but other than that...the only great actor was the Genie who stole the show! :) Spend the money on another show and skip this one.


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