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5.0 star rating Alex G. from Chicago, Illinois


We attended opening night in Chicago not really knowing what to expect, what we got was a very entertaining and very funny show! The music,sound and actors were amazing! We loved this show and we will be telling all of our friends! We highly recommend "We Will Rock You" We were Rocked!!!!

5.0 star rating Gg from Boston, MA


Just saw the most amazing of amazing shows in Boston! The audience was fantastic ... multiple encores! Energetic, humorous, talented galore, smart, musical - fantastic troupe! We will visit this show in many more cities to come! Thank you for rocking us, We Will Rock You!

5.0 star rating Charles Simpson from Nashville, Tennessee


The music was pumping and powerful. The crew poured out their souls to provide an outstanding performance of Queen music. The music took me back. The performance was fast and furious. It kept my feet tapping and hands clapping. Absolutely loved it... Thank you "WE WILL ROCK YOU"

5.0 star rating Lisa Blaser from Raleigh, North Carolina


I saw the show in Raleigh on 12/04/13. It was absolutely fantastic! The cast was perfect. Every performer was talented. The stage and lightenting was tremendous and I cannot say enough about the actors and actresses. The band also perforend well above expectations. I would go again tonight if I could! Very well done by all accounts.

5.0 star rating Lisa Blaser from Raleigh, North Carolina


I saw the show in Raleigh on 12/04/13. It was absolutely fantastic! The cast was perfect. Every performer was talented. The stage and lightenting was tremendous and I cannot say enough about the actors and actresses. The band also perforend well above expectations. I would go again tonight if I could! Very well done by all accounts.

5.0 star rating Jim from Miami, Florida


Attended opening night last night in MIAMI (Dec. 10) and if I had the money I would go back every night! The incredibly talented cast did Queen proud and I'm sure Freddie is looking down with a big smile. The show lasted two and a half hours and it will be hard for any show this year to top this one. it sounds trite but really, if you only see one show, see this one! Congratulations again to such a great group of talented singers and dancers who gave it their absolute all!! And don't forget the absolute fantastic band!!!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


saw the production last evening, opening night in philadelphia at the academy of music. still rocking' and rollin'!!!! would see it again in a heartbeat!

5.0 star rating Chip Addis from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A must see show for the entire family! Just buy your tickets and go. Great songs, funny, and plain old fun. Great escape!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Really enjoyed the show in Philadelphia ************Want to see it again

5.0 star rating Missy from Dallas, Texas


Saw it last night in Dallas. Absolutely LOVED it!! Recommended it to ALL my Facebook friends from the theatre & later in local pub!!! Can't rave enough. Would see it every night it's here if I could afford it!!! Will try to make it again before it leaves our fair city!!

5.0 star rating Cwyman from Dallas, Texas


It is an amazing show

5.0 star rating Katie ogrady from Detroit, Michigan


First concert with my grandson (13) . We both loved it.

5.0 star rating Pam P. from Los Angeles, California


GO SEE THIS PLAY!!! Cudos to the Ahmason for presenting such a wonderful production. I have already called people to go and see it. It was great! I am a season ticket holder and I have experienced some great and wonderful productions, this one is currently in my top 3!!!

5.0 star rating Faye Bonini from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


One of the most clever shows I've ever seen! The way a wonderful array of Queen songs were woven into the plot was masterful. Vocalists & dancers all superb. Killer Queen ruled! Full of energy, joy, and the spirit of Freddie Mercury! We loved it.

5.0 star rating Micah from Calgary, Alberta


AMAZING!!!! I can not simply sum up in words the magic this show creates. but I will try. From start to end the story line grasps the audience, paired with the songs we all know and love, this musical was off the charts! In my mind I have no doubts this could be a Broadway production!!! A must see for all who love Queen and rock!!!!

5.0 star rating Rico from Vancouver, British Columbia


So i went to see the newest incarnation of We will Rock you and having seen it years ago in London I was a little concerned. Well that soon faded and I was treated to a fun rollicking stroll down memory lane.The Cast was amazing and really seemed to be having alot of fun as they performed for us. My only complaint was not of the show but the lame Vancouver audience who for the most part never truly got into it the way the show is meant to be enjoyed. But my enjoyment of the show made up for it. I would highly recommend We Will Rock You to anyone who loves Queen or even if Just a fun romp. My one suggestion is don't sit lie you are at the movies, get up and dance and clap and sing like its supposed to be enjoyed and it will be even better. Thank You to the entire cast and crew who made the show an event to remember

5.0 star rating Sheila from Toronto, Ontario


All the little subtle jokes, singing and energy made this so entertaining. I would see it again! They hit on all my favourite Queen songs. Throat still raw from shouting and singing 😄

4.5 star rating Michelle P from Toronto, Ontario


I LOVE my musicals but the voices of the cast in this production are AMAZING!!! Some of the best voices I have heard in some time. It was opening night last night in Toronto and they did such a great job- Loved it!!

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Detroit, Michigan


This was a ton of fun. The plot typical of most rock plays is just a way to fit the music in. The performers are outstanding, the costumes look like a rock-off of Mad Max. The dialogue is especialy great if you know lyrics to songs from all artists. they are woven throughout as integral parts of the script. My 25 year old son is still talking about it.. The band is amazing.

4.0 star rating Randy from Detroit, Michigan


So it's not the most complex storyline, big deal ! Music was fantastic, absolutely nailed Brian Mays' guitar sound, the band was super tight. Great sets.

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Los Angeles, California


Saw the show last night. . I felt so bad for the performers. They did such a good job with a crowd that forgot how to enjoy life.. If you are going to pay hundreds of dollars for a show. Enjoy it people. Live in the moment. Stop trying to impress the doll next to you. Why did you get tickets to a show called We Will Rock You if you had no intention of rocking! !! Myself, I didn't care who was next to me. Mr Six figures I suppose. Next time go see Cats or something sir. I paid my money and I'm going to rock!!!!! Never go to the Ahmanson again, that's for sure?

3.0 star rating Jan from Houston, Texas


I've seen the show in London and Vegas and this recent production was nowhere near quality of those shows, so much so that I left during intermission as did many other people (I have only ever left one other show). The production values were lacking (costumes, hair, set). The band was excellent, but overpowered most vocals. Gentleman playing Gallileo was excellent, as were some of the other main characters (Oz). It's been years since I saw it, but it seems some songs were added that did not move storyline ahead (I might be wrong about this). Wish it had lived up to my previous experience. Smart Financial Centre is an excellent place to see show; fairly small venue.

2.5 star rating Anonymous from Toronto, Ontario


Good voices..dorky acting..strobe lights terrible!!! Blinded by the lights..why??? Why would the audience be blinded? By the time I unsheided my eyes the scene was over, which was ok it was stupid anyway!!!

2.0 star rating from New York, New York


Of course, musically, the show is great. Singers are fantastic, especially the encore when the lead guy comes out and does Bo Rap (which I think is not in the show itself). Musicians are stellar; lead guitarist is hand picked by Brian May and will dazzle you with his phenomenal playing. Now...the book... it's..ah...pretty dumb. Silly, is a better word. The plot has nothing to do with Queen, excepting that the "god" they are seeking is none other than Freddie - who's a gold statue with glowing green eyes... Saw the show in DC, and KNEW they'd never dare bring it to NYC. Well, thanks to the movie, they think there's a market. The NY critics are going to obliterate it.

2.0 star rating Dan J. from New Jersey


The plot was terrible!! It is hard to mess up classic Queen songs and yet they managed too. Go see a Queen cover band instead. RIP Freddie.

2.0 star rating Em from New York, New York


Saw this was coming to theater at MSG. Saw Queen songs advertised and it was titled “We Will Rock You”. Awesome! (I thought...). Then I saw it with my husband and parents. Songs are good, storyline is terrible. Boring. Dumb. Confusing at times and extremely cheesy. Could have been a million times better with a good storyline. Not worth the money- go see a good show on Broadway.

2.0 star rating Diane from Calgary, Ab


Very cheesy. Expected an amazing show of Queen’s music, but got a stupid, cheesy, cartoonish performance. The singing was good, but the dancing was poor and the storyline ridiculous. The show was very amateurish and targeted to 10 year olds. The audience seemed to love it, but I believe they were loving Queen and not this substandard, childish performance. Very disappointing.

2.0 star rating Em from Calgary, Alberta


Wanted to love it... but ya, save your money.

2.0 star rating Norm from Ottawa, Ontario


We had seen the show in one of the theatres in Toronto quite a number of years ago and so perhaps we were spoiled by that quality of production. While the set was certainly more sparse and industrial, the actors did a very good job. What was most disappointing was the sound: the “pit” band sounded as if they were playing behind a curtain. I realize they literally are behind a curtain; however, the speakers are hanging above the stage. For some strange reason, they were muffled, treble was lacking, and bass was sporadic. The vocal mics of the two leads was crisp and clear, secondary leads were less clear (sometimes we couldn’t understand what they were saying let alone singing), and the background singers were, again, as if they were behind a curtain. At an event where the focus is specifically about the music, the sound should be amazing... but this production fell far short. We were so disappointed, we left at intermission.

2.0 star rating SJ McDonald from Toronto, Ontario


If you liked high school musical you will love this. I did not. The first part was painful. The female singers "screeched". The second part got a bit better. the story line and queen's music .... well lets just say... "WHY!!!!!". They Butchered the music. What a complete disappointment. Overall looking at the audience, no one was on their feet, they asked people to clap but they couldn't draw the audience in!! It was like being at a high school play but so much more expensive. First time I could have left at half time but we spent so much $$ on the tickets we stuck it out... it was painful

1.0 star rating Dave from Toronto, Ontario


full of flat jokes and lame social commentary. Broadway singers lacking the range to recreate the genius that was Freddie Mercury. I was very disappointed. Oh and Killer Queen is the worst written character I have ever seen.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


I saw this show in London in 2003 and it was the best stage show of my life...even better that Mamma Mia on Stage The Seattle version bore no resemblance my London experience. As an aside, I recently went to see Second Hand Lion on stage... the audience waited and waited but the lion (as lovingly seen in the Movie) never showed up...many were disappointed I waited and waited for Queen to show up, today, watching We will Rock you.....and Queen never showed up What I saw was a "Hair" type ensemble with bits of SNL, unending references to old Rock and Roll Songs and a Rocky Horror show type narrator .The songs were loud, rarely good and never reminded one of Freddy and Queen...the choreography was dodgy and the costumes weak I can't prove it but I felt that the show, was pre recorded and actors were mouthing the words This review is honest and cannot hurt the show as tomorrow is the last show date in Seattle Lesson: If you see a great show once...You will not see it repeated

1.0 star rating Janiece Slater from Los Angeles, California


Complete waste of time and money. It was so bad we left at intermission. Don't waste your hard earned money on this. The story was pathetic. I gave it one star for the vocals. Huge disappointment.

1.0 star rating MJ from New York, New York


The worst show I have ever seen, and it is not even close. I will allow that some of the performers are excellent vocalists, and some of the songs were done well, so I feel badly for the cast. But the entire plot, the dialogue, the acting, the jokes, the choreography, the set reminded me of a play written by 4th graders for 4th graders. People were leaving mid-act, and droves of people left at intermission - including us. Beyond bad. We decided we could save the night by leaving and doing something else.

1.0 star rating Donna from New York, New York


The story line was strange. The singers sounded like they were singing karaoke at a bar. Many people in the theater left at intermission. The show was supposed to begin at 7:00pm and did not start until after 7:15. So disappointed about the wasted money I spent.

1.0 star rating Kelly from New York, New York


This show was truly horrible. Half of the audience left during intermission. The actors were talented with v the exception of one V woman who could not sing on pitch, but the story line was painful. It’s about a group of “rebels” on the futuristic “iPlanet” where music is illegal. SUCH a thin and stupid story line, plus the choreography and sets were on par with a middle school show. Can’t think of a single redeeming thing about this stupid musical. Freddie Mercury must be rolling over in his grave.

1.0 star rating Joyce B from New York, New York


Sorry, this is probably the worst production I have seen. Saying this is the music of Queen is quite a stretch.

1.0 star rating Taylpr L from New York, New York


Frankly, this show feels like it shouldnt have been made and is a massive bore. The plot is incredibly weak, with every situation being super contrived (even from the basic plot set up) and villians so one dimensional and uninteresting (their entire basis is essentially “we are evil megacorperation whos job is being evil”) that every single scene with them feels like wasted time. So much just doesnt make sense, even from a directing perspective. For example, why are the intensely anti-rock villains constantly singing rock songs and are introduced with guitar riffs? Would having them being associated with music like synths make far more sense? Additionally, what may have been the pull of the show, the Queen music, is so incredibly forced into every situation possible, and shows 0 understanding of the actual songs. The songs literally come out of nowhere with next to no relation to whats happening on stage. The singing is Mostly good, but still not as good as the real songs: Id rather just listen to actual Queen.

1.0 star rating Taylor L from New York, New York


Frankly, this show feels like it shouldnt have been made and is a massive bore. The plot is incredibly weak, with every situation being super contrived (even from the basic plot set up) and villians so one dimensional and uninteresting (their entire basis is essentially “we are evil megacorperation whos job is being evil”) that every single scene with them feels like wasted time. So much just doesnt make sense, even from a directing perspective. For example, why are the intensely anti-rock villains constantly singing rock songs and are introduced with guitar riffs? Would having them being associated with music like synths make far more sense? Additionally, what may have been the pull of the show, the Queen music, is so incredibly forced into every situation possible, and shows 0 understanding of the actual songs. The songs literally come out of nowhere with next to no relation to whats happening on stage. The singing is Mostly good, but the story is so contrived its painful

1.0 star rating Anonymous from New York, New York


We love Queen and thought it would be great because of the music, but it was horrible. Even my 8 year old daughter called out the fact that the plot made no sense, and was a huge waste of money and time. The musicians were awesome but that’s about it. Really disappointing all around. Don’t bother with this one.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


So disappointed! My husband and I are huge Queen fans and assumed this show would be amazing based all of Freddy’s music but the story line was so stupid and boring and ruined what could have been a good show. SAVE YOUR MONEY, DONT GO!! I would not recommend this show to anyone!!!

1.0 star rating Mr Meaty Thighs from New York, New York


The only thing this lacked more than talent is plot. The one dimensional, highly predictable plot left me wishing I had some tomatoes on hand. Furthermore, the writers were able to hold the audience hostage with nostalgia in a way insulting to those of us who didn't go crazy at the mere mention of 80s songs. The puns would have been bad had they not been used as a crutch to deal with the debilitating plot - or lack thereof - instead they were terrible. The attempts at comedy were frequent and unsuccessful. This horrific excuse for theater is not worth seeing unless you want to pay to bad versions of songs you can listen to for free to feel nostalgic.

1.0 star rating Adele from New York, New York


This was so bad, the worst I've seen. I left before intermission and I've never left a show before. The singing was great, but was over powered by the band a lot of the time. The choreography was atrocious, story line flimsy and the acting so bad it was comical at times. I thin Freddy Mercury would be turning in his grave. Don't waste you money

1.0 star rating Carolyn from New York, New York


I can't tell you how the show was because I was sleeping during most of it, I didn't hear any "Queen" songs and the plot was ridiculous. Fights broke out in the theater, mass exit at intermission.

1.0 star rating ZN from New York, New York


I've seen a lot of shows in NYC in 20 years and this is by FAR the worst. I've never been to a show where people leave at intermission and they continued to leave through the second act. The plot, acting, costumes, stage background, awful jokes, silly music was all terrible. Some of the cast is talented but the negatives FAR outweighed the few moments of quality singing. I am shocked that MSG allowed this show to make it inside.

1.0 star rating Pierre from Rochester, New York


I went to this show with my girlfriend because she's a huge Queen fan, and we were both dissapointed at how the show was hardly about Queen at all. All they did was mention Freddie Mercury a couple times, and sing a Queen covers that either sounded like Kidz Bop or had changed lyrics relating to their terrible "technology is bad" theme. The easiest way to describe the plot is to say "Ok, boomer." It was written by an old man who hates technology and thinks people who like rock and roll are oppressed. The villains were were just evil and with no other character traits. The romantic subplot was the most generic and predictable ever; they introduce a man and a woman as the main characters, then they meet and the woman is like "you can't have this we're just friends" and then the guy heroically saves the day and the girl is all like "my hero you can have me now." This has been done millions of times before. Anyway, if you're a Queen fan or a fan of good theater I would not recommend it.

1.0 star rating Mammadukes from New York, New York


This show was so so bad we left at intermission as did nearly everyone else. We were expecting Queen songs, Queen related storylines- anything about Freddie really but no, it was nonsense. The plot was stupid. The book-UGH! How can you pronounce Scaramouche and not VIDEO? The choreography was awful. I don’t understand any of these 4 or 5 star reviews. They went to a different show.

1.0 star rating Jimmy Smith from Indianapolis, Indiana



1.0 star rating Danielle from Calgary, Alberta


I REALLY wanted to like this. But it was awful and we left at intermission. Save your $200.00( that’s what we paid) it reminded me of my musical theatre days in highschool. Story line is awful, the actors had hair that made them resemble the doodle bops. The main girl and guy had great voices. I love broadway, unfortunately... this was a total flop

1.0 star rating Annette from Calgary, Alberta


Bad acting, lame story and blinding lights shone at the audience. I am a true queen fan and was beyond disappointed. Just awful.....constant dry ice....the room was filled with smoke. People left coughing with burning eyes. Only highlight was the actual musicians which sadly you don’t see until the very end. The role of killer queen is laughable....horrific singing, Go see a tribute band and don’t waste your money.

1.0 star rating Ra from Calgary, Alberta


I have seen WWRY in London few years ago and it was great! This one is a joke... Awful singing, bad dancing and stupid jokes... only Queen’s music made me stay till the end. Killer queen and Scaramoush are worst... Sorry for being harsh, but don’t waste your money on this “musical”...

1.0 star rating Brian from Vancouver, British Columbia


Terrible. Save your money. The sound in Abbotsford was awful. Completely stupid story line. Our family of 5 spent the trip home making jokes and laughing about it. Nothing good to say at all...

1.0 star rating Jill C from Vancouver, British Columbia


I am a huge musical theatre fan, have seen more than 80 different shows and this was hands down the WORST thing I have ever seen! The acting is atrocious! Never seen actors over act to that extent in my life. This is the production that plays in Hell. Save yourself, do not go. I fled the theatre at intermission and was praying I would make it out in one piece so that that was not going to be the last thing I ever saw.

1.0 star rating Jessie g from Vancouver, British Columbia


Took girlfriend to see this tonight shes a big queen fan and we both could not believe it do not recommend !

1.0 star rating J Hillier from Vancouver, British Columbia


Expected a good rendition of amazing Queen music with a hearty storyline. Although the cast had strong voice talent I found this "musical" to be chaotic, annoying, and less than charismatic. The plot of street characters and "oh woe is me " angst characters who had been swallowed up by the digital god was at best tedious. The set was less than stellar.. blue lights with alternating coloured lights flashing with fake smoke. Cheap and trite.

1.0 star rating Catherine from SUdbury, on


Very excited to watch this show at our local arena. Within about four minutes I already felt I was being forced to watch my daughters dance recital with the Teletubbies. No idea what is happening and the story line is brutal. It reminds me of freddys solo record. Freddie would of loved it- but the other band members (the rev limiters) would have put a kibosh on it. Why are you voices squeaking? I just want to her the music- not the galaxy plot. I am sure the vocalist have lovely voices but I should of stayed home and watched a queen concert on amazon prime. It would have been tolerable had it been performed at the local high school theatre and tickets were $30.00. I feel ripped off. It may have been better had they provided us with free shots, or maybe a fun new cocktail; kind of like a bribery. Side note, mentioning “being made fun of for being a lesbian”. Come on. You know better.

1.0 star rating Madison from Toronto, Ontario


as a professional dancer, the dancing was boring. weren't on sync and it wasn't impressive. the singing however wasn't bad. the music only got good after intermission. acting was cheesy and over the top. i only thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 mins, and the band.

1.0 star rating Mike from Ottawa


This show was insulting and we left at the intermission. Wouldn’t have stayed even if my 7 year old was in the show.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Ottawa


Depressing. Some thin, shallow story line about "real music" being illegal and the "rebellion for rock and roll" or something along those lines. Couldn't even tell you the whole plot because we left at intermission. The two main vocalists were very good but I don't think I can think of one redeemable thing other than that. The corniest, most empty thing I've ever seen. Freddie would be so embarrassed. If you're a Queen fan, don't bother.

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