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Love Never Dies Reviews


Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.3 Stars)

Number of reviews: 44



5.0 star rating Song Kosumsuppamala from Austin, Texas


If you have not experience broadway in Austin, this is a must see show at the performance center.

5.0 star rating Raj Wiener from East Lansing, Michigan


Blown away- voices, music, stage, cast, costumes, and venue all superb. Still smiling and humming the tunes. So many careful details pulled together. I highly recommend seeing this show while its here at Wharton. You will leave awed and happy.

5.0 star rating Juliana from St. Louis, Missouri


The songs were absolutely beautiful and anyone that listens to negative reviews and misses this show will truly regret it! There is a message in the music that people would be mindful to pay attention to. Really listen to the words to “ Look with your Heart” there is a powerful message. I’m going to go see this in two other cities I loved it so much!

5.0 star rating from Charlotte, North Carolina


Although the stage props were fantastic, the music, especially "Love Never Dies" performed by Christine, was mind blowing. believe she reached 6 or 7 octaves. A lot of surprises and I can't believe it won't be back on Broadway soon. Phenomenal!

5.0 star rating Debbie Leeus from Cordova, Tennessee


Saw in Nashville. It was beyond wonderful. Seeing again in Memphis tomorrow.

5.0 star rating Mary K. from Coon Rapids, Minnesota


Attended this afternoon's (6/30/18) performance at Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, with my oldest daughter as my 2017 Christmas/Birthday present. It was WELL worth the wait! I first discovered Love Never Dies through an insert in The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall DVD immediately ordering a copy, so I was familiar with it. My daughter, not. She hoped for a different ending.. The lyrics are haunting, the cast stunning, the blue peacock dress my fav. Meghan Picerno delivered in all respects. We were a tad disappointed that Gardar Thor Cortes did not perform. The cast received a wonderful standing ovation. I was delighted & blessed to have experienced it. I'm reminded of 1st Corinthians 13: "There are in the end three things that last: faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love." Love is transformative, allowing us to become the best versions of ourselves. Will there be a follow up sequel in the relationship between Gustave and his father one day?

5.0 star rating Victor L Cruz from Parker, Colorado


Moved from CA to CO in June, but saw this show back in San Jose, CA in October. I loved it. Before my cousin passed away she took me to San Jose Broadways 2017-18 preview showing of this season of shows. Not knowing the Phantom had a sequel, this show was on my list. Before the show arrived, I was eating/sleeping/listening to Love Never Dies. I own the live show on BluRay and have the album on Spotify. Don't be me thinking all cast follow the same script. Spotify and this tour are two different casts. But I loved both! No complaints! I'll be seeing it again this October is Denver! I just wish I could meet the cast and get them to sign my Program Book. I follow a few of the actors on Instagram and I'm excited to see them again. "Currently listening to Til' I hear you sing" on repeat." If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!

5.0 star rating Rita from New York, NY


I caught a performance of Love Never Dies in Las Vegas while on vacation, but I am an NYC native, so I've seen many Broadway shows. Those seeking an extension of Phantom of the Opera may be disappointed that LND is very much its own show. The music is lovely and the production is beautiful. The sets and costumes are gorgeous and elaborate. The cast is exceptional. I saw Gardar Thor Cortes as the phantom and Meghan Picerno as Christine. Ms. Picerno was the clear stand-out of the cast. In all the shows I've been to over the years she is by far one of the most talented singing actresses I've ever seen! Whether it be in LND or another production, I hope to see her on Broadway very soon. She is definitely a young star to watch. Brava!

5.0 star rating Francis Kaspar from Costa Mesa, California


I have been to many, many performances both here and in NYC. This show is the most emotional, and musical show I have ever seen. +In the climax the female performer sings the title song and literally blows the audience to bits. Standing O's are the order of the day as the various performers do their parts. Forget the critics who somehow reason that it is vital that they find fault. See it as a devoted theater lover and enjoy the beauty and drama of the evening.

5.0 star rating Mary Butler from Ridgely, MD


I saw Love Never Dies on its last performance at the Smith Center. I had followed various reviews and had obtained a DVD of the long running Australian production so I, unashamedly, was already hooked. There was no need to develop the story or the characters, I already knew them. This production continues the Phantoms fascination with Christine, of course, he still loves her. In the days following the fire, 10 years earlier, there was one more meeting between them and this is actually the beginning of the play. Had there been more anticipation of Christine's arrival to New York and stage time regarding Meg and her mothers role in the Phantoms escape from Paris, the reviewers might have been more satisfied. My only regret is that the best song, I believe, opens the play and should have closed the first act. As its written, though, it works because we KNOW the characters. Loved it...recommend to true Phantom fans. The reviewers may not get it but you ABSOLUTELY will.

5.0 star rating B Kirk from Chicago, Illinois


Fabulous show. The staging was phenomenal.. The story is an enjoyable Shakespearean type, traditional musical. Music is great. I left the show singing the songs - to me a sure sign of a good show. Gustav was outstanding as were the other actors. I am not sure why some people are disappointed. My only thought is they really just didn't want a sequel to Phantom of the Opera in the first place. If that is you, just watch it as if it was an independent show. You will love it. I saw and enjoyed Phantom of the Opera several times yet was not the least bit disappointed in they show. Honestly, it was much more enjoyable than many current award winners. I would definitely see it again.

5.0 star rating Carol in Missouri from Chicago, Illinois


If you have seen the Phantom, you must see this. The singing, costumes and sets were spectacular at the Cadillac Palace in Chicago. We had balcony seats and were pleased with the view. Far left or right may not be as good due to some equipment. My husband and I absolutely recommend this for a night out. The Italian Village Restaurant was our choice of dining before the show and was excellent. Make plans, relax and enjoy dining and a great play!

5.0 star rating Adrianne from Chicago, IL from Chicago, Illinois


Sensational show. If you liked Phantom you have to see it. Even my husband who is not really in to theater said it was wonderful. It ranks as one of the top shows I have seen (and I have been going to the theater for 20 years...both in NYC and Chicago). I was expecting it to be just okay, but it was fantastic. They did it!! The singing of Gardar Thor Cortes (Phantom) and Meghan Picerno (Christine) moved me to tears. Sidenote: I just read that this show has been reworked several times. I did not see any of the earlier versions, but this version in Chicago on Feb 14th 2017 was spectacular.

5.0 star rating Albert DeGeeter from Chicago, Illinois


Last night, a friend and I went to see "Love Never Dies" at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago. What a treat it was! The beautiful sets absolutely took my breath away - and the costumes! So colorful and elegant, I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. Oh, and the singing... you don't want the songs to end. So much heart and feeling. It's the next morning for me as I write this, and I'm at work, and I can't concentrate on work because my thoughts are still back at the theater, enjoying the show again and again. The carnival characters were astounding - especially the main three. The actors who played their roles... it was like the melody of a perfect dream when they were on stage (Squelch, Fleck and Gangle.) Really, their voices and energy... I enjoyed their segments most of all, they were so vivid and full of magical fun. They could have a spin-off show and I'd be there! This current tour needs to be seen by all - I absolutely recommend it.

5.0 star rating Donna from Cleveland, Ohio


This Play was simply amazing! Every single actor and actress had a voice that was fantastic! Even the child! BRAVO BRAVO!!! My 15 year old daughter has been waiting a whole year to see this play and she absolutely love love loved it! As did I ! We see many many plays. This ranks very high on our list!!!

5.0 star rating Theresa from Detroit, Michigan


I went in thinking if it turned out to be a usual part II I could at least get out and beat the traffic. I could not leave my seat. The performances were great. The songs tied in to the first Phantom. The set was amazing. I was in tears by the performances. The Phantom at the Pantages theater was hard to beat but I loved it more. The Fisher theater is beautiful.

5.0 star rating Joan Tyler from Marysville, Michigan


Love Never Dies moved me emotionally to the point of tears. Sir Andrew, BRAVO!

5.0 star rating Estrella from West Orange, NJ


I came down from NJ to see Love Never Dies at the Hippodrome in Baltimore. I ended up seeing it 4 times. The show is absolutely amazing. The sets, the music, the choreography, the performances will leave you breathless. The leads, their understudies (I saw the understudies for the Phantom and for Christine) and the ensemble give it their all. It's just a beautiful, beautiful show - as far as I am concerned, it is ready for Broadway.

5.0 star rating Toni from Utica, New York


Amazing play....voices, stage settings & talent phenomenal. Loved it!!! Should not miss it. Fortunate we have our beautiful Stanley Theater to bring us such amazing shows. Dinner at Ancora before show completes a NYC kind of night here in Utica.

4.0 star rating Jeff Wilson from Los Angeles, California


Although the musical was well done it did not live up to the Brilliance of Phantom of the Opera. The songs over all were very nice but in the Phantom several songs were exceptional. Also the person playing Christine was hard to understand in her higher operatic register. I remember Christine's voice from Phantom being very angelic and beautiful, less operatic then the one she replaced in the story of phantom, however this Christine was more like the operatic singer from the original Phantom that Christine replaced. The boy that played Gustave was exceptional.

4.0 star rating Jeannie Neill from Las Vegas, Nevada


I was surprised to find it a really enjoyable show with amazing performances-production design and costuming I definitely recommend it

4.0 star rating Len from New Boston, NH


Attended Sat night 2/3 performance and thoroughly enjoyed it. Music was delightful. Costumes and sets, top notch. Performers were all outstanding. I looked around at the audience at the end. Th attendees I saw (myself included) were all on their feet clapping in unison as the actors came out in encore one by one. You don't see that very often. This not The Phantom! It is a delightful love story albeit with a tragic ending. It was hard to hold back tears at the end. I would definitely see it again and highly recommend it to friends. I bought my tickets right after seeing "Phantom" there last Fall and am glad I did! Ignore the critics! Go see it and judge for yourself. My only suggestion for improvement concerns the venue. I wish the Opera House had more bathrooms (not located in the basement) or, a slightly longer intermission time. I prefer a gentleman's lounge visit coupled with cocktails from the bar. There is not enough time for both. It's worse for the women attending.

4.0 star rating Sebastian from Boston, Massachusetts


Truly fantastic. Dont think the very end was climatic as I thought it would be, other than that, truly enjoyable.

3.0 star rating Jessica Gutierrez from Los Angeles, California


Definitely strange nothing like phantom of the opera. The story was a bit awkward, the sets were great and so was the singing. It was an ok show, expected more. I guess you can't match the original. Would I pay to see it again? Probably not.

3.0 star rating Mike from Los Angeles, California


We were underwhelmed by the story and music. Seemed dated and not emotionally engaging. The ending seemed silly. Great voices and sets couldn't save it for us

3.0 star rating Tania from Chicago, Illinois


This past Wednesday, my sister and I went to see the matinee of Love Never Dies at the Cadillac Palace Theater in Chicago. Our seats were amazing, row 2 in aisle 3. At $90 a ticket, they were not cheap. For the price of the tickets, the play was exceedingly disappointing. Love Never Dies, a sequel to Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Weber follows the lead of Godfather3: unnecessary. The storyline made little sense, didn’t seem to remember crucial details about the previous work, and grasps for energy and relevance. The actors are spectacularly talented and my dislike of the musical had nothing to do with their performances. The characters did not connect, their relationships seemed to glide past each other. When a gun was produced at the end, I hoped for a bloodbath as in Hamlet, but alas only one character (the wrong one) died. The story ended abruptly and my only real feeling at the end of the play was ALW is a pompous ass in need of funds. Save your money and time.

3.0 star rating Peter C from Boston, Massachusetts


Second half of the play is pretty good and finale is shockingly unexpected but overall it can't hold a candle to Phantom. The first half is disjointed and confusing. Melding Coney Island circus "freaks" and the Phantom story line does not work as Lloyd Weber has done. Singing and performances were very good but I could not recommend it.

3.0 star rating DrP from Providence, Rhode Island


Ok to see but disappointing in the 10 year period at the start. Not a good setup about the opening circus and slow to start. Finished well with great scenery and songs. There was no WOW factor like the original Phantom. Play theme similar to others, sequels usually don't live up to the hype.

2.0 star rating Joe Mikstas from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


the voices were fantastic, very disappointed with the show, no continuity, disjointed, didn't leave with a song in my head. a lot of people left at intermission. I was so looking forward to this show, Sad.

2.0 star rating Mariska from Portland, Oregon


Wanted to love this play, but ended up leaving at the intermission, and we weren't the only ones who did. While the singing was great, the story line, and music were horrible. The plot was absurd, Christine having the Phantom's child -- please. I only gave it two stars because the actors were fine, they were just stuck with a horrible play.

2.0 star rating Virginia from Seattle, Washington


didn't care for it - was very disappointed- left at intermission such a confusing story line songs not memorable although the singers were good - really didnt care for their tone Phantom not a very good tone that was that enjoyable and Christine - way too loud and shrill and operatic not soft and engaging like Phantom original cast Suprised Andrew Weber did this- not goo follow up but orchestra and sets were very good

2.0 star rating Tiffany from Seattle, Washington


I'm a first time subscriber to the Paramount, but grew up on musicals. I've never seen Phantom of the Opera, but was interested to see what Love Never Dies had to bring. The first part of the show was soooooo boring. The songs weren't memorable, and it seemed disjointed. You could see the lead actor spitting everywhere as he was over enunciating. My friend (who loves musicals 1000% more than me), wanted to leave at intermission. I argued that there was at least going to be some death and craziness at the end, so we should at least get some action. Second half wrapped everything up, but honestly wasn't much better. However, the actor who played Gustav screaming "noooo" at the end set me off in a way that rarely happens. I couldn't stop laughing. It was horrible. I laughed for 5 minutes--full body silent, snorting, shaking laughter as an actor was "dying" on stage. Other people laughed at parts that weren't supposed to be funny. Overall, good laughs, but not what I think they wanted.

2.0 star rating G.G. from San Diego, California


We are season ticket holders at Pantages (have been for years). I doubt we would have purchased tickets for this play, but they came in the packet for this season. We love The Phantom Of The Opera and have seen it many times. This sequel doesn't even come close to the caliber of music and story line. It has a completely differently feeling and doesn't have the mystery and haunting feeling that the original does. The songs and music are disappointing as well. Too bad as we were very hopeful that we would enjoy it.

1.0 star rating Gregg Olson from Austin, Texas


Love Never Dies is the worst Broadway Series production that has ever come to Austin! This is the first time that I and my party of 5 walked out at intermission and never return. We also witnessed at least 5 others patrons doing the same. I pity the performers as they did their best to make something out of this monstrous disaster created by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It comes as no surprise this clunker never was performed on Broadway!

1.0 star rating Molly from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I have season tickets to the Orpheum's broadway run, and let me tell you, this was the quietest I've ever heard a Minnesota theater audience...which should tell you something about how bad the show was. Lush costumes and large set pieces can't mask lazy choreo and boring music. If I hadn't read the plot ahead of time, I'd have had no idea what was going on, since all of the exposition was done in tortured songs with canticles and over-sung notes. We were laughing and we weren't the only ones. I wish we'd left at intermission, but I guess we can be happy with the jokes we'll now have about this disaster of a musical. Oh, and in all sincerity, this show should have a content warning for emotional abuse. JFC, Raoul and the Phantom have only doubled-down on their horrific treatment of Christine, who apparently LOVES to be grabbed, pushed, yelled at, threatened, and blackmailed. It was gross.

1.0 star rating RYT from Seattle, Washington


I've been going to musicals for around 20 years now. This is the first one that I seriously wanted to leave at intermission. The entire play was just sung dialogue with music that had no particular melody. Not a single song that was memorable or worthy of being on a Broadway stage.

1.0 star rating Andrew S from Seattle, Washington


Anyone remember that episode of Friends guest-starring Gary Oldman as an established actor teaching Joey the key to being an actor? "When you enunciate, YOU SPIT." Christine and Gustav were pretty bad, but as off-key and overacting as the Phantom was, the sheer volume of saliva he flung out on everyone made me think I was at a Gallagher concert. Bring an umbrella, you will get wet on this ride. He was so bad, by about 20 minutes we were no longer wincing and we were actually trying to hold back laughter. I'm fairly certain half the theater was in the same boat as we were, as there were about a dozen moments when people erupted in laughter, and I'm convinced these were supposed to be serious moments. We couldn't even stomach the second act. During intermission when we were finishing our drinks, we had to wave the ushers who kept trying to get us back in our seats away. There's no way we were going to subject ourselves to another hour of that.

1.0 star rating Emily from Seattle, Washington


I've seen a lot of shows, and this one is not good. The set and costumes are wonderful, a macabre coney island. The songs are boring and forgettable, the story is terrible and tries to rewrite the original Phantom. People in my row were laughing, and half of the people in my seating area left at intermission. I felt embarrassed for the cast.

1.0 star rating Mel from Seattle, Washington


It started out bad & never got better. The phantom was so out of tune, flat throughout his opening number & flat during his duet with Caroline. We didn't stay beyond that because it was shear torture. Slow moving, difficult music, just awful. The only highlights were Caoline & her son's solos. They had beautiful voices.

1.0 star rating Brett from Seattle, Washington


Costumes and sets were fantastic. Cast were talented. The show itself was rubbish.

1.0 star rating Bogart Canine from Los Angeles, California


Just saw Love Never Dies in Hollywood ( Pantages Theater) on national tour. I have seen about 100 musicals and this is the worst I have ever seen. Ridiculous story line, bad songs and coney island staging belongs on coney island. Saying that this play is bad is being very very generous. No wonder no producers would invest money to put it on Broadway, no wonder it failed in London and in Australlia. Anyone who says it is a good play are like the peasants in the Emperor's New Clothes. they just wont admit what is the real truth or they are uneducated in musical theater.

1.0 star rating Michael Kape from Palm Springs, CA


If you're expecting Phantom of the Opera in this sequel you will be sadly disappointed. THIS SHOW IS BORING. Over-amplified and loud, but boring. A ridiculous plot move the story to Coney Island 10 years later. Phantom has a son with Christine (he doesn't know it) though they never had sex in the original. Raoul is a drunk. It's a complete waste of time, with bland music and a horrible book. Over- produced with garish sets (not attractive) and really badly directed throughout. In the UK they call this show "Paint Never Dries," because that's how unexciting it is. I'm really questioning the judgment of the Pantages' artistic director for adding this to the season. Then consider next season—the worst one ever, dominated by revivals, one flop, and one moderate success. Bringing back Wicked (ugh!) is no inducement to subscribe. LND was a horrible mistake. Run as far from the Pantages while it's there.. (I'm sure this site won't allow a bad review of LND, but here it is; live with it.)

1.0 star rating Laurie M. from San Diego, California


Award worthy sets and special effects - but it ends there. Worst plot possible, it felt like a bad soap opera. I couldn't get out of there soon enough. Sappy, ridiculous and the music was not worthy to be linked to the original Phantom. With all due respect, Mr. Weber should have left it where New York put it - out to pasture.

1.0 star rating Rodney Falk from Boston, Massachusetts


I generally like musical productions and possibly would have liked this, except that I would not consider the cacophony of sound to be music. The plot was disjointed, the “music“ ghastly, and the use of a female dwarf as a “freak” was in astonishingly poor taste. The theater was not full, and there were six people in our row. At the intermission, four of the six left, including me. We were accompanied to the door of the theater by a remarkable number of other people whose greatest enjoyment of the evening was to step out into the cold and rainy Boston evening,never to return to this excruciatingly bad experience.


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